Wolf Tracks

Izzy Sanford

Izzy Sanford, Layout Editor

Izzy is a junior at Newsome High School and the layout editor for the Newsome Wolf Tracks. She uses her creativity and authenticity to build cool layouts. She also extremely enjoys ROSS COLTON and is an avid gamer.

All content by Izzy Sanford
This is the monster, “Herobrine.” His original appearance was in 2010, when a player discovered an NPC on his Minecraft world.
The cover of the third and final movie of the Kissing Booth trilogy. This featured Elle, Lee, and Noah in front of their beach house one last time.
The homecoming committee includes the chair, Victoria Graham (12), RJ Simmons (12), Avery Triplett (12), Micarjo Benjamin (12), Christiana Crawford (11) and Jasmine Walters (10). The homecoming committee has been working hard on all the homecoming details including the decorations, theme and putting together the venue, all which usually takes 3 months to plan.
Below Deck Sailing Yacht features charter guest Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, who gives a low level tip for the poor service on the boat. Crew members were upset with the outcome and blamed each other for the unsatisfactory work.
From analog to digital, clocks are turning back for daylight savings. The time was an hour before, then it was an hour later.
The Crood’s are back with another adventure. When they meet their rival family, they do not know what to think until a journey brings them together.
Many people like to carve pumpkins for Halloween. This year was no different, and the holiday falling on Saturday was convenient to carve those funny faces.
People are utilizing mail-in ballots as an alternative to putting themselves at risk of Covid-19. Mail-in ballots have caused a large debate over the accuracy of the turnout of the election.
The Newsome Colorguard team performs at the first home game of the year. They are spinning their flags to the music the band is playing.
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Izzy Sanford