It’s Gravy, Baby

Izzy Sanford, Layout Editor

Music artist Yung Gravy’s North American part of the “Baby Gravy” tour has come to a close with shows in Seattle, Boise, and Vancouver wrapping up in December.

   In September, Yung Gravy announced the new drop of his album, “Marvelous,” his first full album in two years. “Marvelous” includes two of Gravy’s most popular songs: “Betty (Get Money)” and “C’est La Vie.” 

    The “Baby Gravy” tour, played by Gravy and Canadian rapper bbno$, started on Nov. 3, in Normal, Ill., and concluded Dec. 16, in Vancouver, B.C. The tour had over half of the shows sold out, including both of the shows in Tampa. 

    Gravy has also made quite the name for himself as a ladies man, and has started the tradition of collecting women’s clothing at his shows. Each city on the “Baby Gravy” tour has competed with how many items they can get on stage, and so far, the Minneapolis show has taken first place with 159. Shows in Atlanta and Birmingham are not far behind, sitting at 98 and 58 respectively. 

    All articles are picked up, collected, and donated to various women’s shelters. Gravy has collected 678 total items and is planning to match the final value of all collected items and donate that amount to various breast cancer foundations and charities.

    After the “Baby Gravy” tour, Yung Gravy has another tour in 2023, complete with shows in Australia and New Zealand.  The “Marvelous” Tour has 10 shows, starting in Sydney, A.U., on Feb. 9, and ending on Feb. 25, in Dunedin, N.Z. Tours between those dates include Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, on Feb. 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23, 24, and 25, respectively. 

   All of Gravy’s shows in Australia and New Zealand are licensed for all ages, except the Melbourne, A.U. show on Feb. 19, which is for ages 18 and up. 

   Gravy also added a singular night on March 14, in Panama City Beach, Fla., at Harpoon Harry’s Beach Club. This event is also licensed for ages 18 and up.

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