“The Crood’s: A New Age”: A Movie Review

The Crood’s are back with another adventure. When they meet their rival family, they do not know what to think until a journey brings them together.



Isabella Sanford, Reporter

   The Crood’s are back with a sequel and a whole new adventure. Officially released on Nov. 25, 2020 to theaters and many different streaming services on Feb. 9.

   The original Crood’s was released in March 2013 and scored $597.2 million in the box office. So far, “The Crood’s: A New Age” has only received $140 million.

   In 2019, global box office revenues reached a new record of $42.5 billion, almost $7 million more than 2018, but the box offices in North America were down 4% domestically from 2018. In 2020, the U.S. box office decreased 80%, totaling $2.2 billion overall. This is because of the ongoing pandemic.

   “The Crood’s: A New Age” is the first family movie in theaters since reopening in late 2020.

   As a continuation of “The Crood’s”, they start off in “Tomorrow,” a place on one of the continents after they split. They begin by exploring and looking for food, with the occasional flirt between Guy, one of the characters the Crood family had met when racing from the collapse of their original home, and Eep, the teenage girl of the Crood family. Of course, Grug, the dad of the Crood family, would not be the funny, overprotective parent he is without trying to separate them, so most of the beginning of the movie he spends trying to pull them off of each other.

   One night, after foraging for food, they pile into a sleeping position to head to bed. In this scene, Eep and Guy talk about their future and their “Tomorrow.” They plan on leaving the main “pack,” or the rest of their family to start a family of their own. Grug overhears this conversation and is upset about it, so he goes for a walk in the middle of the night to get his mind off of it. While walking, he finds a giant wall, and a paradise.

   Inside the wall, there is a ton of colorful fruit and food to go around. Little does the Crood family know, that is actually the home to the Betterman family.

   The Betterman family is a more civilized and smarter family with many technological advancements that are brand new to the Crood family, such as a shower, a window, an elevator and other random things. 

   After meeting the Betterman family, they realize that Guy’s parents were close friends with the Betterman family and that Guy had spent most of his childhood growing up with them. 

   From then on, the Betterman family realized that the Crood’s were not as smart as they were, and from the first night on, they tried to keep Guy and kick the Crood’s out of their family oasis. 

   On the second night at the Betterman’s, Ugga and Grug realize what the Betterman family is trying to do, and eat all their bananas. Phil, the dad of the Betterman’s, had a strong rule against eating the bananas because it kept the Punch Monkeys at bay. However, once Grug and Ugga ate all the bananas, the Punch Monkeys kidnap Phil, Grug and Guy. 

   The rest of the two families notice they are missing and try to go track them down. While in the midst of doing so, Hope, the mom of the Betterman family, flips out on the Crood family for being “cave people” and tries to run away, but ends up getting stuck in a cave with multiple six-eyed wolf-spider things. They end up not wanting to do any harm to the families and just wanted to protect the wolf-spider cub.

   Meanwhile, Grug, Phil and Guy are still all stuck in the Punch Monkey jail, where they are being punished for not giving any bananas. They ended up being put into banana costumes and waiting to be sacrificed to the “monster,” who really liked bananas.

   While that was going on, the rest of the family had tracked down the Punch Monkeys with the help of Gran, the oldest member of the Crood family, and her hair. Her hair turned into a bird and flew to find the Punch Monkeys and found where Grug, Guy and Phil were.

   Almost getting eaten by the giant Punch Monkey, Ugga, Eep, Hope, Dawn, Thunk, Gran and Sandy show up as the “Thunder Sisters”, or a new branch of the tripe Gran was in when she was younger. They emerge into the Punch Monkey den and start beating up all the monkeys that come in their way. The giant Punch Monkey spits out Grug, Guy and Phil and the “Thunder Sisters” grab them in their banana suits. While pulling them along, Grug and Phil fall and trip over their banana suits. They rip off, leaving just the banana part around their hips like a tutu and start singing a song about being banana bros. This gave a good moment of comedy into a stressful and intense part of the movie which added a good combination of serious and non-serious moments into the plot. 

   They start running around trying to get away from the giant Punch Monkey and end up killing it but dropping a giant skull on fire onto its head.

   Then everyone celebrates by living together and being happy. Guy and Eep go to start a new “pack” but visit all the time. Everyone lives happily ever after in their new oasis.

   Overall, this movie portrays the message of family always being there for each other despite differences. The movie was rated 77% rotten tomatoes and 7/10 on IDMb, both of which are two of the most popular movie critic websites. This movie definitely deserves a 7/10 because it is funny while still teaching a lesson about the importance of family, a lesson that is nice for young audiences to learn from.

   “The Crood’s: A New Age” was a fun filled, action packed family movie perfect for everyone of all ages who needs a good laugh.