Unsatisfactory Service, Unsatisfactory Tip

Below Deck Sailing Yacht features charter guest Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, who gives a low level tip for the poor service on the boat. Crew members were upset with the outcome and blamed each other for the unsatisfactory work.

Bravo TV (bravotv.com)


Isabella Sanford, Reporter

 “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”, a reality television show that began in early 2020, has taken a wave of backlash and support from viewers. In a recent episode, charter guest Barrie Drewitt-Barlow ended up leaving a $15,000 tip for the crew. 


   Crew members were upset with the tip, and producers had said that the usual tip amount for season five was $20,000. However, Drewitt-Barlow defended the tip, saying that some parts of the charter were unsatisfactory and that “If things would have been better, the tip would have been better!” Viewers of the show took to Drewitt-Barlow’s Instagram in order to further question him on why he gave a considerably low tip for the season.


   Drewitt-Barlow not only said the overall service from the boat was bad, but also hinted that the food was lacking. Chief stew Daisy Kelliher said she understood why he tipped the way he did, and that it was “Natasha’s fault 1,000 percent.” Natasha De Bourg was the chef of the season and often had meal issues with the guests. Drewitt-Barlow also mentioned on his Instagram that there was late service, referencing the food. He also said that the birthday cakes were “Walmart cakes,” and it was upsetting that they were store-bought and not homemade, again upset about the food services.


   However, Kelliher appeared on another television show and said that the bad service from everyone on the boat is what resulted in the poor tip, recalling her prior argument and deciding not to single out the chef of the season. 


   But Drewitt-Barlow didn’t stop there. He also called out to his Twitter, receiving severe backlash about his appearance on the show. “Just for the freaks moaning about us not doing any water sports, every time the ship stopped which was twice, in areas we could do water sports, that’s what we did. The production company got so much good drama on the boat, three episodes were made up of that!” Fans replied to the thread, talking about his “cringe-worthy” and “cheap” behavior and how his attitude represented his tip, both “trash, not class!” They also commented on how the “good drama” on the boat was not entertaining and that it was “three episodes too many.”


   While no charter is perfect, both the crew and the fanbase have made it clear that the Drewitt-Barlow charter was not the best of the season, and hoped the family would not come back for more.