My Top 5 Favorite Hockey Players


Isabella Sanford, Entertainment Editor

   In life, everyone will have their favorites in something. For me, I have favorite hockey players. Hockey is a winter sport where players hit a puck around with a stick while on ice skates. Put simply, the aim of the game is to get the puck into the goal net. 

   My top five favorite hockey players are mostly from the Tampa Bay Lightning, and I may be biased because I live in Tampa, but they are very good looking and great players.

   Taking the fifth place slot is Jan Rutta himself. Number 44 for the Tampa Bay Lightning, the defenseman has scored two goals and ten assists during the 21-22 season. His current salary is $1.7 million, and he is a two time Stanley Cup Champion with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

   Rounding off fourth place is Jack Studnicka. As much as I hate the Boston Bruins, Studnicka is just too attractive to leave him out. He has a grand total of zero goals and one assist this season (which is not surprising because it is the Boston Bruins), and his salary is $775k. I am really hoping his looks save his career because his skills will not carry him. He is a center.

   In third place, and a close tie with first and second, is Mathieu Joseph. Joseph is also on the Tampa Bay Lightning. He plays in the right wing position with eight goals and eight assists this season. On top of being a great player, Joseph is attractive and has a great personality. His salary this 21-22 season is $775k, which is concurrent with Studnicka. 

    Taking second place is the one and only Jack Hughes. Despite the New Jersey Devils doing absolute dog water this season, Jack Hughes has a special place in my heart. He has scored 14 goals and 16 assists this season while being a center for the team. Personally, I think Hughes has very nice hair and is a great player, plus he gets bonus points for going to the 2022 All Star game in Las Vegas (which is where I came to decide that he was in my top five).

    In first place and not a shock to anyone, is none other than Ross Colton. Colton has my entire heart and I have adored him since fall of 2021. He has nine goals and 11 assists this season and he is a one time Stanley Cup champion. Colton scored the game-winning goal for the 20-21 season Stanley Cup finals, which got himself quite the name as a rookie. He is on a two year contract for $2.25 million, with this season being the first on that contract. He did almost slip to second because he has a girlfriend, but I would never do that to my boy Colton.

   Hockey boys will always have a special place in my heart, unless they are on the Colorado Avalanche and in that case they do not even have the chance to come close to my top 50.