Minecraft’s Best Glass Variation


Isabella Sanford, Entertainment Editor

  Minecraft, the cubic-based-graphics game released in 2009, added the Glass Block shortly after the game was released. In the update 0.0.19a, Notch, the creator of Minecraft and whose real name is Markus Persson, released the first official texture and data value identification, or ID, of glass into the game.

   A couple of years later, in 2013, Stained Glass was added during the 1.7.2 update, and the 13w41a snapshot more specifically. This update made the glass each have an individual data value ID and texture. 

   In snapshot 13w42a, the snapshot succeeding 13w41a where stained glass was added, the texture was changed and the glass appeared much lighter and more transparent.

   In 2016, Minecraft version 1.9 was released. 1.9 was the “Combat” update, adding an “End City” into the “End” dimension of the game. In snapshot 15w31a, magenta stained glass spawned naturally in the “End Cities” to continue with the purple theme of the naturally generated structures.

   That is only the first reason why magenta stained glass is the best glass variation. Later updates and snapshots again changed the textures and colorings of the glass variations, which made the glass look much nicer and more appealing.

   Not only does magenta stained glass have a nice color, it also blends in and compliments many other materials. Neutral colored houses built with basic building blocks normally have a very plain color scheme and adding stained glass gives a pop of color to the house.

   In more specific terms, houses built with grayscale blocks such as stone, andesite and cobblestone pair especially nicely with magenta stained glass. The more neutral blocks look really nice with the pop of color that can be added to builds.

   Magenta stained glass is the best glass variation not only because it is pretty and practical, it is also fairly easy to make. Multiple flowers can be crafted into magenta dye, which can then be used to make stained glass blocks. Magenta dye can be crafted from either pink and purple dye or taken from an allium or lilac.

   Alliums can be found in Flower Forests, a fairly common biome in Minecraft. Lilacs can be found in many different biomes, such as Birch Forests, Plains, Mountains, Dark Oak Forests and Flower Forests. 

   Because of the pretty color, practicality and easily obtainable ingredients, magenta stained glass is the best variation of glass in Minecraft.