Wolf Tracks

2020-2021 Staff

Jadon Khor


Jadon Khor is this year’s Editor-in-Chief and a Senior at Newsome. He’s been a part of Wolf Tracks for four years now, serving as previous Online Editor-in-Chief and as a Reporter. With these in mind, he hopes to make anoth...

Alex Clough

Online Editor-In-Chief

  Alex Clough is a senior at Newsome High School and current Online Editor-in-Chief. This is Alex’s third year as part of the Newsome Wolf Tracks paper, starting out as a reporter, then moving to Sports Editor, now being the...

Debra Garcia

Business Manager/Features Editor

Debra Garcia is a junior in her second year of Wolf Tacks. This year she works as the Features Editor and Business Manager. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and apologizing for no reason.  ...

Emily Khor

News Editor/Layout Editor

Emily Khor is a junior at Newsome. This will be her third year on the Wolf Tracks team, and first-year being the News Editor, second being the Layout Editor. She’s very excited to see how this year will go with the newspaper...

Aize Hassan

Photography Editor

Aize Hassan is a junior in her second year of Newsome ‘Wolf Tracks,’ and this is her first year as the photography editor. Aize had a hard time finding a picture of herself so she gave up and chose a picture of her and Didd...

Hailey Le Roy

Entertainment Editor

Hailey Le Roy is a junior in her second year as Wolf Track’s Entertainment Editor. She likes long walks through nature while avoiding grass (she’s allergic) and climbing trees. In addition, she consumes all sorts of media...

Nick Jones

Sports Editor

Nick Jones (aka Nick 2)  is a Senior and in his first year on the WolfTracks Newspaper. He currently works as the Sports Editor. He enjoys playing Baseball for FH, mixing songs, creating comedic videos, and spending time with ...

Meghan Reyes


Meghan is a sophomore in her first year of writing for Wolf Tracks. She is a reporter and enjoys fashion, writing, photography, and cats.

Camille Denmark


Camille Denmark is a junior at Newsome High School and this is her first year writing for the Wolf Tracks. She enjoys anything art related from painting to music and has a pet goldfish named “Squiggles." 

Isabella Sanford


Isabella Sanford is a freshman at Newsome and in her first year at Wolf Tracks. This year she is a reporter. She enjoys painting and playing Minecraft.

Hayden Richardson


Hayden Richardson is a sophomore in her first year of writing for the Wolf Tracks.  She is a reporter who enjoys listening to music, drawing and spending time with her farm pets.

Abby Alexander


Abby Alexander is a senior at Newsome High School. It’s not only her first year with the Wolf Tracks, but also with the school. She is excited to share her ideas and views with others and be a part of such an amazing group o...

Liv Baker


Liv is a senior and a reporter for the Wolf tracks. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and poorly playing Minecraft in survival mode.

Isabella Spiegel


Isabella Spiegel is a sophomore in her first year of Wolf tracks. She is a reporter who enjoys watching movies, art, and music. She likes to travel and paint.

Rocco Santini


Rocco Santini is in his second year as a reporter in the Newsome wolf tracks program. He “enjoys” washing dishes at the Scrambled Egg On weekends and staying on that 2-4-7 newspaper grind. 

Carson Cornock


Carson Cornock is a senior and it is his first year on WolfTracks Newspaper. He loves creating stories, running (from his problems), and being in Theatre. He can’t wait to see what life brings for him after high school. ...

Ana Fernandez


Ana Fernandez is a sophomore in her first year of Wolf tracks. She was born in South America and travels often. This year she is a reporter who likes to paint, hike, listen to music and play soccer. 

Alex Wilson


Alex Wilson is a senior and in his first year of Wolf tracks. He enjoys history, politics, reading, and drawing. 

Aiden Vittoe


Aiden Vittoe is a Junior at Newsome High school. This is his first year being a part of the newspaper team and he is looking forward to writing official stories for the first time. He’s excited to learn about what newspaper i...

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