Wolf Tracks

2017-2018 Staff

Jon Alfano

Sports Reporter

Jon Alfano is in his first year on Wolf Tracks and is a junior at Newsome. He sticks mainly to sports, but will dabble in entertainment on occasion. He will join FCA when clubs open.

Matthew Bradford

Business Manager

Senior Matthew Bradford is in his second year as a part of the newspaper staff, taking on the role as business manager and entertainment reporter. In his free time, Bradford enjoys hanging out with friends, watching sports, a...

Mia Cafaro

Sports Reporter

Mia Cafaro is a sophomore, in her second year of journalism and first year as part of the Wolf Tracks staff. She joined as a sports reporter, and loves to attend games and cheer on her favorite teams. She loves to read, write and...

Samantha Dyson

Entertainment Reporter

Samantha Dyson is a junior and is sixteen years old. She likes musicals, alternative/rock music, and TV shows. She also likes peaceful outdoor settings and drawing.

Joseph Espy

Sports Reporter

Senior Joe Espy is in his third year of journalism and second year on the newspaper staff as a sports reporter. Espy enjoys watching and playing sports, hanging with friends, and playing goalie in an online hockey league, LG....

Carolina Fernandez

News Editor

Carolina Fernandez is a junior and has been at Newsome all three years. She writes news and is the News Editor this year. She is from Argentina, speaks fluent Spanish, and has traveled all around South America. She hopes to ...

Alex Funderburke

Sports Reporter

Alex Funderburke is in his senior year and his first year as a reporter. Funderburke is in Men’s Choir and is also the Vice President of Chamber Choir. He writes for the college sports website, Forgotten 5....

Alexis Gonzalez


Alexis Gonzalez is a senior at Newsome High School and has been a part of Newsome Wolf Tracks for two years. She has written many news and editorial articles for the newspaper, as well as been involved with photography. This year...

Manuela Graf

Features Editor

Manuela Graf is a second-year editor for the Features section of the newspaper. Graf has been on staff for two years and enjoys writing for Features because it requires a lot of creativity. Graf is very excited to keep writ...

Kaitlyn Hankard

Editor-In-Chief, Online

Kaitlyn Hankard is a senior at Newsome. This is her second year on the Wolf Tracks staff and as the Online Editor-in-Chief. Hankard is also a member of the Newsome cross country and track and field teams.

Leah Harrell

Editor-In-Chief, Print

Leah Harrell is a senior going into her third year on the Wolf Tracks staff. She will be this year’s Editor-in- Chief. She started off writing for entertainment before switching to news and covering events around Newsome....

Jonathan Hurst

News Reporter

Jonathan Hurst is a senior at Newsome and in his second year on the staff at Wolf Tracks. He covers a variety of topics, including news, sports, and editorials. He also plays football for Newsome.

Jordyn Kalman

Entertainment Editor

Jordyn Kalman is a senior this year at Newsome and this is her second year on the Wolf Tracks staff. This year she is the Entertainment Editor. Kalman loves to write about her favorite movies, books, TV shows and music and looks...

Marissa Levine

Entertainment Reporter

Marissa Levine is a senior and this is her second year on the Wolf Tracks staff. She primarily writes entertainment, where she reviews newly released movies, TV shows, and books. Levine is very passionate about writing and is eager to continue...

Jillian Mauro

Sports Editor

Jillian Mauro is a junior who is the Sports Editor for the newspaper. Her life is constantly focused on sports or stressing about her academics. Transitioning from a reporter to her first year as an editor will be interestin...

Garrett Morrissey

News Reporter

Garrett Morrissey is a sophomore, in his first year of being on the Wolf Tracks staff. He has taken on the role of being a news reporter and photographer. He is in the marching band and enjoys writing. His favorite holiday is Hall...

Abby O’Brien

Features Reporter

Abby O’Brien is a senior and has been attending Newsome High School for all four years. This will be her first year writing for Wolf Tracks. O’Brien will be writing in the features section and occasionally will be helping...

Ling Shapiro

Features Reporter

Ling Shapiro is a senior at Newsome High School. She has been writing for Wolf Tracks for two years, primarily feature articles about random, almost relevant stories. The most serious article Shapiro has written was about the 20...

Andrea Skvarova

Layout Editor

Andrea Skvarova is the layout editor for the Newsome Wolf Tracks through the qualifications of having enough knowledge and “being better than Joe Espy”. She also contributes to the entertainment section, mostly writing music...

Miles Swan

News Reporter

Miles Swan is a sophomore in his first year on Wolf Tracks. He is very adamant about writing, and enjoys current events. Swan has an active imagination with an even more active passion for creating newsworthy articles. As Phil Donahue said, “To ...

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