Wolf Tracks

2019-2020 Staff

Mia Cafaro


Mia Cafaro is a senior in her third year on the Wolf Tracks staff. This year, she is the Editor-in-Chief, though she primarily writes for sports. She enjoys reading in her free time, loves the Red Sox, and is looking into a care...

Miles Swan

Co Online Editor-in-Chief

Miles Swan is a third year member of Wolf Tracks, and is Co Editor-in-Chief of the Online Newspaper. He enjoys writing, and doing FLVS. Miles has been very adamant about his studies and is really excited to start a new year!...

Jadon Khor

Co Online Editor-in-Chief

Jadon Khor is the Co Online-Editor-in-Chief, though also writes for the News team, and a junior in his second year of Newspaper. He enjoys being full, but doesn’t actually like having to eat. ...

Sydney Strickland

News and Business Editor

Sydney Strickland is a senior in her second year on the Wolf Tracks staff. She is News Editor and Business Manager this year. She is interested in studying Telecom and Criminology in college. In addition, she is a verified Sha...

Emily Khor

Layout Editor

Emily Khor is a sophomore and is writing for Newsome Wolf Tracks for her second year, she is also the layout editor. She enjoys skating and listening to music on her free time, one of her favorite animals is the axolotl. ...

Brent Bean

Features Editor

Brent Bean is a senior at Newsome, who has been a part of the Wolf Tracks team since his junior year. He is the Features Editor in the Wolf Tracks staff. Brent is also is a member of the basketball team and Student Government. Yo...

Hailey Le Roy

Entertainment Editor

Hailey Le Roy is a sophomore in her first year of Newsome WolfTracks. She works as the entertainment editor. Her interests include theater, chorus, basketball and alternative music.

Alex Clough

Sports Editor

Alex Clough is a junior at Newsome High School, this is the second year he has been with the Wolf Tracks, first year being Sports Editor. He’s played sports his whole life and has great passion for them. Whether going to Atla...

Matt Rainey

Photography Editor

Matt Rainey is a senior at Newsome, who has been a part of the Wolf Tracks team since his junior year. He is the photography editor in the Wolf Tracks staff this year. Matt plays football and lacrosse for Newsome, and is a part of t...

Hanak Taxo


Hanak Taxo is a junior who spends her free time reading and drawing whatever strikes her interest. She joined newspaper with hopes of getting more writing experience and to just have fun writing for a publication....

Anjali Caliguiri


Anjali Caligiuri is a junior and a first year entertainment reporter. She loves photography and orchestra and is eager to be a part of Wolf Track this year!

Sean Crumpacker


Sean Crumpacker is a senior in his second year of journalism and a feature writer. He enjoys gaming, writing, and coding, and he is a fan of alternative and indie bands.

Sophia Dench


Sophia Dench is an 11th grade reporter. She joined newspaper because she really liked Journalism 1. She is excited to help create the newspaper this year. She is 16 years old and enjoys hanging out with her friends. ...

Debra Garcia


Debra Garcia is a 10th grade Entertainment reporter who loves to read, write, and listen to music. Debra loves her newspaper job because she enjoys writing about the things she loves like music and celebrities. ...

Aize Hassan


Aize Hassan is a sophomore in her first year of Newsome ‘Wolf Tracks.’ She writes for the entertainment section in the newspaper. She enjoys attending concerts and listening to alternative music.

Caitlyn Hayden


Caitlyn Hayden is an 11th grade student and is a reporter. She joined newspaper because she enjoys writing and thinks it is a good way to be involved with the school. Outside of school she likes being with her friends and fami...

Sidharth Menon


Sidharth Menon, an absolute pogchamp gamer, is a senior and is part of the photography and news team. I am journalism. When he’s not on the daily 24/7 journalism grind, he spends his time meticulously honing his craft in Minecraft r...

Rocco Santini


Rocco Santini is a junior at Newsome High School. This is his first year on Wolf Tracks, and is a part of the news and photography department. He enjoys playing Xbox when he isn’t at school. He has played football for the Pin...

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