Wolf Tracks

2018-2019 Staff

Carolina Fernandez


Carolina Fernandez is a senior in her third year as part of the Wolf Tracks staff. This year, she is the Editor-In-Chief but writes mainly news and editorials. She loves learning, playing the piano and hanging out with her friends...

Miles Swan

Online Editor-in-Chief

Miles Swan is a second year member of Wolf Tracks, and is Editor of Online Newspaper. He enjoys writing, watching TV, and doing FLVS. Miles has been very adamant about his studies and is really excited to start a new year....

Jillian Mauro

Photography and Social Media Editor

Jillian Mauro is a Senior at Newsome. She is the Photography and Social Media Editor for the Wolftracks. Mauro is most interested in sports photography as she loves the action. She can’t wait to review more restaurants thi...

Sam Dyson

Layout Editor

Samantha Dyson is a senior and is seventeen years old. She likes musicals, alternative/rock music, and TV shows. She also likes peaceful outdoor settings, musical theatre, and drawing. She is super snazzy because she just is....

Manuela Graf

Features and Entertainment Editor

Manuela Graf is a senior at Newsome. This is her third year on staff and her first year as both Features and Entertainment editor. She enjoys writing lifestyle and food articles and is excited to be on staff for 2018-2019....

Garrett Morrissey

News Editor

Garrett Morrissey is a Junior in his second year of being on the Wolf Tracks staff. He has taken on the role of being the news editor and business manager. He drives a stick shift, prefers dark chocolate over milk, and loves the ...

Mia Cafaro

Sports Editor

Mia Cafaro is a junior, in her second year as part of the Wolf Tracks staff. This year she has taken on the role of sports editor. Mia loves going to games and writing about various sporting events. She is really bad at parkin...

Brent Bean

News Reporter

Brent Bean is a Junior at Newsome High School who plays on the Newsome Basketball team. It is his second year in journalism and is a part of the Newsome Wolf Tracks News team.

Sydney Strickland

News Reporter

Sydney Strickland is in her second year of journalism and first year on the newspaper staff. She enjoys learning history in school, writing, and coaching volleyball.

Matt Rainey

News Reporter

Matt Rainey is a Junior at Newsome High School, and is a part of the Newsome Wolf Tracks News department. He plays left guard for the football team, and he also plays defense for the lacrosse team, and he loves his green 2002 J...

Kylie Moon

Sports Reporter

Kylie Moon is a sophomore who is a reporter for the sports section of the newspaper. In her free time she enjoys playing volleyball as well as running.

Jadon Khor

News Reporter

Jadon Khor is a sophomore in his first year of being part of the newspaper staff and second year of journalism, and writes news for ‘Wolf Tracks’. He enjoys learning world history and science.

Alex Clough

Sports Reporter

Alex Clough is a sophomore at Newsome high School, in his first year writing for Wolf Tracks. Clough is a sports reporter as well as playing on the Newsome High School baseball team. He has an avid passion for sports journalis...

Meredith Wanbaugh

Features and Entertainment Reporter

Meredith Wanbaugh is a Senior who writes for the entertainment section of the Wolf Track newspaper. She loves to draw cats, other animals, and video game characters with her drawing tablet and stylus, and wishes to work on video...

Lance De Leoz

Features and Entertainment Reporter

Lance De Leoz is senior at Newsome High School and writes for the Features and Entertainment section on Wolf Tracks. He fluctuates from stepping in and out of the grave and --like lightning-- his car never crashes in the same loca...

Hanak Taxo

Features and Entertainment Reporter

Hanak Taxo is a sophomore, entering her second year on the Newsome Swim Team, and her first year on the school newspaper. She’s an aspiring digital artist who wields a stylus and tablet on days she isn’t watching Netflix or readi...

Emily Khor

Features and Entertainment Reporter

Emily Khor is a freshman in her second year of journalism and works in entertainment, features, and photography on the Newsome newspaper, ‘Wolf Tracks’. She enjoys listening to classical music and k-pop while reading or study...

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