Disney+ new plans and new releases

Izzy Sanford, Layout Editor

 In December 2022, Disney updated their pricing for their streaming service, Disney Plus. They added new plans and optional advertising.

   The new prices brought a “Basic” plan for eight dollars per month with included advertisements and no downloading. For each hour of streaming, four advertisements are shown. The “Premium” plan includes ad-free, downloadable content for eleven dollars a month.

   Other pricing packages include bundles with access to other streaming services, such as Hulu and ESPN+. This package starts at $13 per month, and more discounts can be applied to Disney Plus pricing for choosing an annual versus monthly plan.

   Is Disney Plus worth the new prices? With access to over 600 Disney movies, television shows, and short films, some fans argue it is, while others say it is not.

   Twitter users against Disney Plus say the content and prices are not worth it anymore. “Cancelled #DisneyPlus a week or so ago, just doesn’t offer anything for me anymore. The shows are all becoming too predictable and similar, that with the price increase was time for us to cut it loose for awhile,” says oxygent32. Similar responses to the price increases have viewers canceling their subscriptions left and right.

   Others argue the content is keeping them as customers. Disney Plus releases bounds of new content each month.

   New releases for the streaming service in March included multiple continuances of seasons from past shows, as well as originals. Season 3 of The Mandalorian was released on March 1. Other releases include Eureka!, Going Fur Gold, Africa’s Deadliest, Chibiverse, and Doogie Howser, M.D.

   Disney Plus Original series releases in March included Star Wars: The Bad Batch episodes, Mpower: Premiere, Chang Can Dunk, Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts, and Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.

   What Disney Plus offers and the new prices that keep changing are tough debates about whether or not to support the streaming service. Viewers have started to predict when the prices would be raised again. When Disney Plus announced its streaming of Dancing with the Stars, Twitter user Evan_Griffin_ said, “Live tv on Disney Plus? I smell a price increase.” This statement was made several months before Disney Plus began to change its costs, proving the increases were predictable.

   The Disney Plus prices, as they are currently, may change over time. Disney Plus has shown consistent fluctuations in the costs of the service and has given out discounts and bundles.