Wolf Tracks

Juan Zúñiga, Celine Carpio, Natalia Alverez, Noah Hirji, Andrea Rodríquez, Nikole Kale and Shamar Williams pose all together. They all coordinated to wear black for their at-home prom.

Newsome students Opt for a D.I.Y prom

Aize Hassan, Photography Editor
June 1, 2021
An outlet on a wall with nothing plugged into it. Many people are unaware that unplugging devices from the outlet while they are not at use can help decrease energy expenditure and thereby decrease fossil fuels used to generate that energy that contributes to climate change.
Chicago Police cars roam neighborhoods such as Little Village, Chicago. Little Village was the neighborhood that Adam Toledo was fatally shot in.
DMX performing at Woodstock’s 1999 festival, which featured a huge crowd. This has been known as one of his best and most remembered performances of all time, with it still being talked about today.
Pictured is Florida’s welcome sign, surrounded by the state’s iconic palm trees. Florida’s 202 Legislature is currently in its 60-day session, so politicians are trying to push out legislation as efficiently as possible.
Build-a-Bear workshop’s latest launch did not go as planned. Hopefully, they can redeem themselves by expanding on the launch.
From analog to digital, clocks are turning back for daylight savings. The time was an hour before, then it was an hour later.
The feature of the illustration is a cat in a red and white hat. This “Cat in a Hat” is one of Dr. Seuss’s famous character featured in the book “The Cat in the Hat”
Police form a blockade at a “Justice for Floyd” protest in Curtis Hixon. This picture was taken on May 31, 2020, six days after the death of George Floyd.
Significantly more newlywed couples are seeking divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic. 20 percent of couples filing for divorce were married in 2020.
A man walked in front of the Capitol building. He is holding a vertical flag that says “Impeach,” referring to the fact that many Americans around the country wish to happen to President Donald Trump.

25th Amendment or a Second Impeachment?

Debra Garcia, Features Editor/Business Manager
February 10, 2021
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