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Hailey Le Roy

Hailey Le Roy, Editor-In-Chief

Hailey Le Roy is a senior as well as this year’s Editor-in-Chief for Wolf Tracks. In the two years prior, she was the Entertainment Editor. As well as deeming herself the “World’s Biggest Grass-Lawn Hater,” she literally has no idea what she’s doing, so please give her some pointers if you see her crying in the halls.

All content by Hailey Le Roy
Poster for Bob’s Date by John Shanahan. The cast started their production very soon after the start of school, as they did not have time to waste while getting ready for their competition.
Cast members Scot Davis and Hannah Wiles [middle two] as Gilet Corey and Elizabeth Proctor, respectively. This photo was used as a prop on set as a family photo.
Pictured is a grass lawn, likely bermudagrass, surrounding a typical suburban home. Grass lawns did not become an American ideal until the late 1800’s, after the Civil War.
Pictured is Florida’s welcome sign, surrounded by the state’s iconic palm trees. Florida’s 202 Legislature is currently in its 60-day session, so politicians are trying to push out legislation as efficiently as possible.
“Blade Runner,” released in 1982, is an excellent example of what makes something a cult classic. It initially flopped upon release before gaining a new appreciation by its “cult.”
Every year, the Hillsborough River turns green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The dye they used was environmentally safe and satisfies EPA standards.
Pictured is the campus of Hillsborough Community College. The Dual Enrollment Program is very popular with High School students.
In a newly released photo, James Corden and Meryl Streep sing together on top of a table. The two actors have performed alongside each other before in the “Into the Woods” movie adaptation.
A mannequin in a tuxedo hazmat suit worn by the award-presenter stands next to Emmy trophies. Those presenting awards were each assigned a nominee to go to their house with an award and wait to see if the nominee won the category.
Chamber students practice their songs while wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance. Singing in the auditorium rather than the chorus room allowed choir-members space to spread out.
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Hailey Le Roy