“Pand-Emmy” Highlights

A mannequin in a tuxedo hazmat suit worn by the award-presenter stands next to Emmy trophies. Those presenting awards were each assigned a nominee to go to their house with an award and wait to see if the nominee won the category.



Hailey Le Roy, Entertainment Editor

 “Hello and welcome to the pand-Emmys,” jested Jimmy Kimmel, this year’s Emmy host. The entertainment industry’s ability to adapt has been tested by 2020, but the Emmys took the given circumstance and ran with it. 

    Kimmel was filmed at the Los Angeles Staples Center without in-person spectators. However, clips of past-Emmy audiences were included to make the experience appear authentic.

    Despite the outlandish circumstances, the Emmys team worked hard to ensure the show spotlighted those involved safely. A copious amount of precaution was taken to keep the heart of the Emmys, including the surprise factor. Each category nominee had their own award distributor in a tuxedo-themed hazmat suit. They stood outside each participant’s house, waited for the categorie’s winner to be announced, then made their appearance known to deliver the prize.  

    “Not only is this a fun and irreverent visual, but it also ensures the health and safety of all of our winners and the presenter by following all of the health and safety protocols — with a twist,” said an Emmy’s press release. This detail proved to be effective and fun for both the nominees and viewers, but there is also the overlooked downside of what happens when a nominee does not win the category. This was illustrated when Ramy Youssef, nominated for his self-titled show “Ramy,” posted a video of his award distributor waving through the window then leaving his house after Youssef was not named winner of the category.

    Quite a few records were broken by the end of the night. Zendaya, nominated for her role Rue in “Euphoria,” is the youngest person to win the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series. In addition, she is the second Black actress to have ever received this award.

    “Schitt’s Creek,” a sitcom about a rich family gone broke that must alter their lifestyle, made a statement from the very beginning by winning every Comedy Series award. The winners feature father-son-duo Eugene and Daniel Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy. Overall, the show finished the night with a record-breaking nine Emmys.

    Jennifer Anniston joined Kimmel on stage as one of the few in-person guests of the night. During the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series award, Kimmel turned up the notch for coronavirus jokes, as he excessively sprayed Lysol on the winner’s envelope then set it on fire. Anniston, also part of the gag, attempted to extinguish the fire but was visibly surprised when the envelope reignited. Eventually, the fire subsided, and Anniston hurried off to join “Friends” costars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, who were later shown in another bit.

    Regardless of conditions, The Emmys entertained the masses through creative ways to keep guests and nominees involved. Evidently, the show must and will go on, red carpet or not.