Hydroflask vs Stanley

Ben Lance, Reporter

 Ever since the “VSCO girl” trend in 2019, Hydroflasks have been popular among students. 

With a wide variety of sizes and colors along with an impressive insulation system, Hydroflasks are a no-brainer for many. 

   Recently, a new competitor has entered the market. Stanley, a brand typically known for camping gear, has successfully dipped their toe into the tumbler world. People have been ditching their Hydroflasks for these in the last few months, so it is time to compare the two side-by-side.

   Due to the countless styles offered by each brand, this article will focus on Hydroflask’s “Wide Mouth” model and Stanley’s “Quencher H2.0 FlowState” model.

   The main difference between the two is their form; Hydroflasks have a smooth, cylindrical shape with a rubber handle on top, while Stanley’s cup has a stainless steel handle on the side and a tapered bottom, making it more portable than its competitor.

   Another difference is their lids. By default, Hydroflasks offer a screw-on lid that you must fully remove to consume the tumbler’s contents. Official alternative lids are sold by the brand, but it is an upcharge to consider. 

   Stanley thrives in convenience, as the Quencher comes with a “FlowState” lid, which features both a protruding straw and a sip opening, eliminating the need for any additional purchases. 

   The difference between the lids plays a major role in how a consumer uses the cups. Senior Lauren Favorin prefers to use her Stanley in day-to-day life, but uses a Hydroflask for outdoor activities. “I use my Stanley every day because I think it’s lighter than the Hydroflasks, and it’s more durable as well.”

   Another Newsome senior, Sophie Rice, also proudly owns both. When asked if her Hydroflask ever feels like a hassle to carry around, she stated that “[It is inconvenient] only if I’m carrying a lot in my bag. It gets a little heavy, but I always need water at school so I can’t hate it.”

   Lastly, the varying sizes and prices are a factor in consumers’ decisions. Hydroflask offers four different sizes, priced between $32.95 and $64.95. Stanley also offers four sizes, priced between $20 and $40. 

   Overall, the two cups come down to personal preference. For a durable high-capacity tumbler, it is wise to choose the Hydroflask. For an easy-to-use minimalist tumbler, the Stanley Quencher is the way to go.