Album Review: “AfterLife” by Five Finger Death Punch

El Todd, Reporter

 Five Finger Death Punch (Referred to as 5FDP in the rest of the article) has released its new album “AfterLife”. With 12 songs in the album, 2 years after its last album “F8” which was released in 2020. The album is solid altogether, showing off 5FDP’s style of hard rock mixed with lighter metal.

    All of the songs in the album are very solid listens, with my personal favorites being “Welcome To The Circus”, “AfterLife”, “Judgement Day”, and “The End”. 5FDP’s songs here have quickly found their way into my main rotation as excellent focus music as well as just being amazing to listen to.

   AfterLife is the newest album since their first album “Way Of The Fist” to not feature the long-time lead guitarist Jason Hook, as he was replaced by Andy James after “F8”’s release. He left due to medical issues with his gallbladder, which also caused him to miss the end of 5FDP’s European tour in 2019.

   “AfterLife” is personally my second favorite album, right behind “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell”. I’m not personally fond of “IOU” or “Gold Gutter”, which is why that takes away from my enjoyment of the album a little bit. Although, I still love the album so it gets a respectable 9/10.