How Early Should Christmas Celebrations Begin?

Casey Mankowski, Features Editor

  It is not surprising to hear that Christmas is America’s very favorite holiday. From the lights and music to the cookies and movies, nearly everyone knows how to get into the spirit of this holiday. Some decorate the day after Halloween, while others find it more prudent to wait until after Thanksgiving to dive into this ever-popular December holiday. But when is the right time to get into the spirit? 

   Locally, the general opinion seems to lean towards an earlier date to start Christmas events. Target decorates and brings out holiday items starting on November first, and Chick-Fil-A begins selling their famous peppermint chip milkshake on the same day. Christmas starts even earlier for some companies. The hallmark channel has been playing Christmas movies since October 21st, and Walmart and Joanns have had holiday items on their shelves since mid-October as well.

   While businesses are very eager to begin taking income for this extremely prominent holiday, many families choose to hold decorations until after Thanksgiving. This gives time to keep enjoying autumn as well as the lovely, family-oriented holiday of Thanksgiving. 

   Another portion of the local area that holds Christmas celebrations until closer to Thanksgiving is the tree lots around town. These businesses usually hold onto a bit of the Thanksgiving season, gaining some income from selling hay or pumpkins while autumn still lingers. 

   What is the best thing to do? Should everyone jump in on Christmas celebrations since so many local businesses are doing the same? Some may feel as though they don’t want to miss out on the festivities. Whether people start the traditions of the holiday season as early as Halloween or wait until Thanksgiving, the infectious Christmas spirit can be felt around town quite early, eager to engulf everyone in festive joy.