The worst fashion trends over the years

Arianna Hooker, News Editor

  One’s fashion choices are a way for them to express themselves. Nevertheless, some choices can go to the point of being unreasonable. Wedges with running shorts, ballet flats with every outfit, heels with skinny jeans, shoulder pads, double denim, toe shoes, tooth gems- the list can go on and on.

   In particular, heels with skinny jeans. Do the two go together? No. However, if one desires to combine these two fashion trends, the best way would be to balance them out with a textured top. Preferably a bulkier clothing item.

   Another unreasonable fashion choice: ballet flats with every outfit. No matter how one puts it, they do not go. Invest in a better pair of flats; the childish, elementary student ballet flats are not the way to go.

   Wedges with running shorts. This is a phenomenon to many. While it may seem stylish in one’s head, it falls face first in execution. No matter how one styles the wedges and the running shorts, they fail to produce the fashionable outfit one may think. It is common to wear running shorts for running, lounging around the house, or running errands. Even wearing them to school is acceptable. However, when one takes casual athletic shorts and pairs them with wedges, it creates a mess for the eye. Wedges should be paired with dressier options—dresses, skirts, and even skinny jeans on appropriate occasions.

   Shoulder pads. Now on the right occasion, shoulder pads can present an appealing outfit to the eye. They can provide an extra layer to the outfit that puts it over the top. However, they should not be used for everyday wear; they should be left at home. Unless one is going for that lawyer, look, of course, then go for it.

   Yet another questionable fashion choice, double Denim or “Canadian Tuxedo.” Whatever one calls it, the two do not pair well together. Jeans are great, and denim jackets are great; however, together, that is a no-go.

   Toe shoes. Why in the world would one decide to leave the house wearing shoes that are the shape of their feet? The shoes have toe slots—a nightmare for many. When in doubt, opt out of the toe shoes; wear any pair of shoes instead—crocs, sandals, tennis shoes, wedges, heels, mules, etc.

   Tooth Gems. While tooth gems can come off as an excellent accessory, they are one of the worst fashion trends that have come about. Imagine someone gluing a rock to their tooth to follow a fashion trend. It is like having Invisalign buttons, but without the Invisalign.

   While fashion trends have changed over the years, and one’s style choices are their own, there are simply some trends that need to be left in the dark.