Wolf Tracks

The cover of the third and final movie of the Kissing Booth trilogy. This featured Elle, Lee, and Noah in front of their beach house one last time.
The homecoming committee includes the chair, Victoria Graham (12), RJ Simmons (12), Avery Triplett (12), Micarjo Benjamin (12), Christiana Crawford (11) and Jasmine Walters (10). The homecoming committee has been working hard on all the homecoming details including the decorations, theme and putting together the venue, all which usually takes 3 months to plan.
The Straz Center for the Performing Arts brings Broadway back after a long dormant season. Tickets are available for purchase on The Straz’s website.
The music box cover for “Solar Power.” The album art was heavily influenced by yellows and beachy tones.
Cars are backed up all the down Fishhawk Blvd. This is caused by Valrico Academy's “Car riders only” rule which was implemented this school year.
Pictured is a grass lawn, likely bermudagrass, surrounding a typical suburban home. Grass lawns did not become an American ideal until the late 1800’s, after the Civil War.
This show at the local bar The Brass Mug is a welcoming environment for the band and the concert goers. This band and many others have created history to last.
The class of 2025 at their freshman orientation. Here starts the beginning of their next four years in high school.

Newsome High: How to Survive the next Four Years

Debra Garcia, Features Editor/Business Manager
July 22, 2021
Spencer Reid is a character on the CW show 'Criminal Minds' played by actor Matthew Gray Gubler, pictured in the far left. Criminal Minds is confirmed to air a revival series on Paramount Plus, Gubler stating that he will reprise his role in the series revival.

The Life of Spencer Reid

Debra Garcia, Features Editor/Business Manager
June 28, 2021
The Luxo ball and Pixar lap are the main symbols of Pixar Studios. Pixar Studios have created 24 movies all connected by a very long timeline called the “Pixar Theory.”
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