Zombietown: Winter Guard’s killer performance

Kensley Marlatt, Guest Reporter

   The Newsome Winter Guard team knocked its competition dead with its unique Zombietown performance this season. The theme is unlike any they have executed before since they incorporated an upbeat twist on their back-from-the-grave routine. 

   At the beginning of the season, the staff members, Maddie and Devin, came up with a scavenger hunt to surprise the team with their show theme. Sophomore varsity member Makenna Guptil says, “the team really loved the theme and were really excited for the upcoming season.”

   The team hit the ground running, continuously practicing their spins and tosses with prop guns and vibrant flags. Within the past year, the team has advanced to the Scholastic Open Class group, the second-highest division out of six. “It took years of building up to get us to where we are. The constant support from our staff, Saturday rehearsals, coming early to practice and staying late, working in class, constant full runs and video assignments, and a strong drive from every individual on our team has helped recently,” says senior Erin Kelly.

   The energy in the gymnasium is infectious when the ladies perform. The audience’s whoops and hollers echo throughout when a rifle is caught seamlessly or when an intricate move is accomplished. 

   With this routine, tossing, catching and flexibility are crucial. One of the team captains, Maggie Metz says that her solo six, a high toss with a turn underneath, was difficult to perfect. Metz says, “Losing sight of the rifle or saber for even a second can be disorienting, and that makes the catch more impressive.”

   The Zombietown performance has already been showcased numerous times in state and international competitions all season long. The team is currently preparing and practicing for the upcoming International Circuit competition (WGI) and the state championship (FFCC) in Daytona, Fla.