Michael Jackson lives on through film

Sophia Walck, Guest Reporter

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson’s legacy is imprinted on a global scale, but what is his relevance today? Reports show that Lionsgate Films is currently working on a film to be titled “Michael,” which will depict the pop icon’s inside life and musical career.

Michael Jackson is a name that anyone could recognize, as branded “the King of Pop.” Jackson has been in the music industry from his childhood debut (1964) up until his death in 2009. Jackson has been known to have dipped his toe into many genres, ranging from pop to soul and disco. His cultural and musical pursuit landed his life in the eye of the public; a blessing and a curse.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born into a family of twelve, being the eighth of ten children. The Jackson 5, another household name, included himself and five other brothers: Randy, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie. After the group’s final performance in 1984, Michael announced his leaving the group for a soloist career.

Jackson’s solo career flourished more quickly than any other in his time period, his music shattering records and racial inequalities in the industry. His talent shone brighter than any of his other siblings, skyrocketing him to titles like “Best Selling Album of All Time” for his album “Thriller” while “Bad” made Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles in the US.

With success quickly came controversy, and the 80s provoked chatter about his new, lighter appearance and plastic surgeries. Furthermore, Jackson became the subject of alleged sexual abuse toward children beginning in the 90s and well into the later years of his life. Jackson fought these allegations in court, eventually becoming acquitted on all counts four years before his death. Even acquitted, Jackson fought to gain back his reputation from the public unsuccessfully until his death in 2009.

Regardless of the accusations Jackson withstood during his lifetime, it’s no question that he was a musical genius and a symbol of cultural integration in music history. Countless others followed his lead, and several artists have continued to release collaborative music with Jackson after his tragic overdose. Justin Timberlake is an example of this, with the song “Love Never Felt So Good.” Released in 2014, featuring both Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, this collaboration caused Jackson to have a top 10 single in six different decades.

Michael Jackson’s influence on music and culture will die the day the rest of us do, and it will be carried through every generation. Director Antoine Fuqua is set to work on the upcoming film “Michael” which will be a Lionsgate drama unfolding the life of the King of Pop that we know today. Jackson’s story is a sad and complex one, and the process of unraveling his life through casting and film will be a challenge, but his fans and the public are anxiously awaiting further news on the film.