Making Fridays fun with Coach Palmer

Casey Mankowski, Features Editor

   Each Friday this year, Coach Palmer has been breaking the stoic silence during passing time. As Newsome students pass by the 300 building, they will hear the symphony of Coach Palmer’s playlist through two hefty speakers.

    Usually performed on an annual basis, this tradition ceased two years ago as some objections arose; other teachers had been implying that the music encompassed a disruptive nature. However, this school year, Coach Palmer has returned such an uplifting feeling to the student body.

   When asked about the purpose of his weekly concert, Palmer replied that it was “To celebrate the weekend and a hard week of work.” A celebration truly does initiate around room 322 each Friday, as teachers and students alike have expressed the joy gained from Coach Palmer’s music. 

  In a survey taken among 91 Newsome students, 98% reported that they viewed the Friday music as fun and exciting! Only a mere 2% of the students found the music to be distracting or annoying. 

   He has even gained the unwavering support of the guidance staff, who also take joy in this development at the beginning of the year. The broad speakers that have appeared at Coach Palmer’s window are just some of the many speakers that he has on hand: he lends speakers to the social studies department as a whole to serve for their spirit week ‘concerts’ held along the 300 bridge.

   Fortunately, the playlist is not limited— Coach Palmer happily accepts new song requests from any teacher or student who stops by, so Newsome will be serenaded by a variety of songs and genres that everyone can enjoy during passing times. Palmer has shown that he is truly invested in the addition of happiness and fun at Newsome.