Newsome Basketball Season Recap


Haider Malik, Sports Editor

 Newsome Basketball is doing excellent right now as they are heading toward the post season with a record of 14-4 at the time of writing. Going into the postseason, what does the team need to improve on, and what has Newsome been seeing so far?

   As of Jan.24, Newsome Basketball has a record of 14-4, a stark difference from last year’s record of 9-15. Currently, Newsome has the number one seed for 7A schools in District 7, while last year, Newsome finished third in the district. So why has Newsome Basketball both drastically improved and been consistent this year?

   “We just play unselfish and always have a high intensity,” said junior Aiden Carver. Carver plays small forward and is a vital part of Newsome’s clutch defense, stealing the ball when least expected. Assistant coach, Jacob Hodges also agreed with Carver’s reasoning on why Newsome is on a roll right now. “Last year, a lot of our top guys quit on us, because they were not agreeing with how things were being runned. That was selfish of them, and it let a lot of us down. It is different this year, we are doing well, because the kids are not selfish.”

   Success does not come along easily, for Newsome Basketball has been working hard at practices. Often, they have practices with multiple workouts per session. These practices have been producing “winning basketball,” said senior Robbie Goodwin. Goodwin,a power forward, along with his teammates are happy with the progress of their practices.

   As of Jan.24 , there are two games left in the regular season. On Jan.27, Newsome will play Wharton High. A powerful team with a current record of 19-1, having one of the best coaches in the county. On Jan.28, Newsome will play Plant High, another excellent team with a record of 16-5. This will be an interesting matchup and a great showcase for what Newsome will have in store for the postseason. 

   Going into the postseason, the players have their fair share of things they need to improve on. For instance, some players need to improve their strength through strength training or start running to improve their endurance. However, Newsome’s game can also use some improvement. Overall, the team has been executing well. “I find how we are executing as a team far more impressive and valuable than any personal performances,” said junior Jonathan Moore. 

   Going into the postseason, Newsome Basketball has all the momentum they need, with a current ten game winning streak. The boys are playing exemplary basketball and it gives both the athletes and the coaches the confidence to push themselves further throughout the season.