Colleges Poll

Casey Mankowski, Features Editor

The class of 2023 is getting ready to say their final farewells here at Newsome and move on to bigger and better things. As the school year comes to a close, graduation draws nearer with each day. Many seniors already have plans for after high school and many have already committed to colleges in the area.

   Florida has a wide variety of high quality and successful colleges for the seniors to choose from. A few of these colleges include the University of Central Florida (UCF), Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), and the University of Florida (UF). 

   After a senior poll on what colleges the class of 2023 is attending, 16.7 percent of seniors have chosen to attend the University of Florida. Located in Gainesville, Florida, this university is the most prestigious in the state, ranked in the top five universities in the nation as a whole. UF is generally known for its departments in STEM, with the most common majors being Engineering, Biomedical sciences, and Psychology, to name a few. The university is large and heavily populated: most classes take place in large lecture halls filled with eager students. This selective school only accepts 30.1 percent of its applicants, but the academics offered there make the tough application process worth it.

   25 percent of seniors polled stated that they will be attending the University of Central Florida. This college can be found in Orlando, Florida and holds the position of the most populous college in Florida with its population of 70,406 students. Some of the most popular majors at UCF are Psychology, Business, and Finance, but the school is evenly diverse in its areas of study. This accommodating school even has nine smaller regional campuses spread throughout central Florida.

   Lastly, 16.7 percent of the Newsome seniors questioned have revealed their course of study as one at Florida Gulf Coast University. Half of the land making up this Fort Myers campus is dedicated to restored or preserved nature, including 300 species of animals, forested areas, and even swamp marshes, making the campus a living laboratory. FGCU also has the second-highest graduate employment rate among the Florida universities. With its engaging campus right on the water and its brilliant academic programs, FGCU looks like the right choice for many seniors.

   Wherever life takes the class of 2023 after graduation, Newsome is rooting for them! Go Wolves!