Barbie Nostalgia

Arianna Hooker, Online Editor-in-Chief

 Barbie is among the most popular and widespread toys of all time. Although Barbie has continuously changed throughout her lifetime, she still provides a sense of nostalgia to all those who owned a Barbie doll, watched a Barbie movie, or read Barbie books.

   The toy company Mattel began manufacturing Barbie dolls on March 9, 1959. Barbie is known for her motto of “You Can Be Anything.” Not only did Barbie challenge the social norms of her time by obtaining over 150 careers, she also was a fashion doll and had an outfit for every occasion. Barbie ran for president in 1992. She was an astronaut and went to the moon, only four years after Neil Armstrong.

   Two years after Barbie’s debut, Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, came out with an accompaniment for Barbie that became known as her long-time, on-and-off boyfriend Ken.

   At the time of Barbie’s first launch, she sold for just $3; currently, an original Barbie doll can reach up to $25,000. The company has sold more than one billion Barbie dolls since its release and has come a long way since the original Barbie doll.

   Barbie suffered mass criticism worldwide from people who argued that Barbie was advocating for impossible body standards. Over the years, Barbie has adapted to include more body types and ethnicities.

   Barbie has been the subject of over 400 books, 41 movies, and various classic American dolls. Barbie has always been targeted towards younger viewers; however, a new Barbie movie coming to theaters is bringing in a new age group to Barbie love. The new live-action Barbie movie is rated PG-13, allowing older viewers to be brought back into Barbie Land.

   Barbie has come a long way from her first Barbie film, “Barbie in the Nutcracker,” to “Barbie Live Action,” coming out in July. The new live-action movie presents Barbie and Ken in Barbie Land living a perfect life while simultaneously experiencing a midlife crisis.

   Barbie is one of the most significant influencers among toys, and there is no denying that she has had an astronomical impact on fashion, culture, and entertainment. Barbie’s age does not change her, and she continues to bring back nostalgic childhood memories as she gets older.