Rising rom-com author Emily Henry

Skylar Gieger, Entertainment Editor

   Emily Henry is a young New York Times bestselling author with seven published books. Her fan-favorite books are adult romantic comedies where the characters have unique qualities and exciting adventures. 

   Henry became popular from her books “Beach Read” and “People We Meet on Vacation.” 

   Released in 2020, “Beach Read” captures the love between January and Gus, former rivals in college who must live next to each other for the summer years later. They are both authors that wrote for different genres, and since they each hit a dry spot for their writing, a challenge is made where they must write a book in the other person’s genre. Through this, they find themselves unstable in the past. 

   Her most recent release is “Happy Place,” which came out in April. A group of friends take their last visit to their vacation home since the house is getting sold. The main character and her fiancé got engaged but did not tell their friends, so they are forced to fake their relationship for most of the trip. Since it is a classic rom-com, everything blows up, and the trip is considered ruined until everyone makes up and they can enjoy their last day together. 

   Henry brings a fun and loving atmosphere to the book world with her creative work. Her characters feel familiar and are extremely relatable. She tackles “taboo” feelings in her novels and brings light to things people would just omit from their writing. 

   A dream fans have is one of Henry’s books becoming a movie, specifically “Happy Place” or “Book Lovers,” her 2022 novel about rivaling publishers. Although some people think her books are repetitive of other rom-coms, she brings a new feeling with her writing that fans will never get tired of. 

  Henry’s ahead-of-the-curve writing will get her far in the writing community, father than she already is with multiple New York Times best sellers.