Rainbow kitten surprise: coming to Tampa

Trisha Bedford, Photography Editor

 The underground indie band Rainbow Kitten Surprise, that has become a recent sensation overnight on TikTok, will be at the Jannus Live in St. Pete on May 18. 

   Their number one song “It’s called: Freefall” is what caught the eye of their now large audience. While having an upbeat and poppy sound, the meaning behind their words are deep. They reflect childhood, relationships, and depression. 

   Rainbow Kitten Surprise is not directly considered a religious band, but has been said to have a religious experience associated. Many and most of their songs refer to god or the devil, but the band has never come forward with what religion they are referring to, or if it is merely a matter of word choice. 

   All of their music has a deeply emotional take on life. Although they talk about the hard times, they do it in a musically beautiful way. Their content is extremely relatable to anyone, simply because they speak on all subject matters and are always sure to move the room. 

   The official Jannus Live website has yet to announce the show as sold out, although when pressing the link provided, it mentions no more tickets are available. However, on the official website it does mention tickets at the door are $52, leading to believe the first people in line may have availability to purchase tickets. Like every other show, they have third party sellers selling tickets at roughly $150 a ticket. 

   As well as Jannus Live, Rainbow Kitten Surprise will be in Orlando the day before at the Hard Rock. Tickets for this location are currently on Ticketmaster for anywhere between $90 to $200. 

   For more information, future tour dates, merchandise, and stories Rainbow Kitten Surprise are found on all social media platforms and at www.rksband.com.