“Get ready with me” videos take TikTok and other social media platforms by storm

Margaret Metz and Ana Fernandez

GRWM. Anyone scrolling on TikTok within the past month is bound to have seen those four letters pop up on the For You Page. Beauty influencers, daily life vloggers, and teens alike have created content about how they get ready in their everyday lives in a “get ready with me” video.

   The beauty YouTubers of the mid 2010s began the obsession with makeup and hair product recommendations. When Jeffree Star said to go out and buy a product, it was sold out in no time. In the 2020s, social media has advanced past in-depth YouTube videos favoring the short clips in TikToks and Instagram Reels. To bring the world of beauty to these platforms, creators work with a small time frame. Thus, the small, condensed “get ready with me” was born. 

   The GRWM videos will highlight the details of the creator’s routine: waking up, working out, showering, makeup, changing into outfits, and showing off accessories. This way, the creators can show-off beauty or skincare products they may use and explain their benefits. They can share clothing brands and styles that evolve online fashion.

   TikTok Beauty Influencer Alix Earle revived the “get ready with me” trend. She is a student at the University of Miami and shares videos of her and her pals putting on makeup in preparation of going out while talking about her night life experiences.