JV Hockey: Season in Review

Kensley Marlatt, Reporter

 Newsome’s JV Hockey team finished their winter season out strong, bringing in 16 wins and only four losses. The team trained and played hard, knowing their game performance was crucial to their placement for the playoffs and championship in late March. 

  Logan Shave, Newsome’s goalie, says, “Hard work is what won us the games. When we practiced, we practiced hard. It also helped us grow closer as a team, which is what really helped us win those games.”

  Even before their skates hit the ice, the energy in the stands radiated throughout the entire arena. The Newsome boys kept a high-intensity and lively mood throughout their warmups and games. Victor Alcaide, one of Newsome’s right wings, says, “The boys were just really fired up. That’s how we roll.”

  The Newsome defense stayed strong throughout their games, rarely letting their opponents hold possession of the puck. They worked with the favor of the clock, starting aggressively from the puck drop and hustling to get points on the board. The team showed numerous times across third-period stretches that they could stay vigilant and take a shot at every open opportunity. 

  Overall, Ryan Dube says the team played great together throughout the season to “keep up the offensive pressure and drive hard in the offensive zone and keep up the scoring chances.” 

  Moving into the spring season, most of the Newsome JV boys will be participating in practices and scrimmages held at the team’s home rink, TGH IcePlex, in Brandon. The rink hosts yearly to keep the participants playing after their school/winter season ends. Some of the older Newsome Varsity members will be working as trainers or coaches to prep for the next school season with the existing and incoming players.