Newsome to stop offering overflow parking

Brooks Huber, Reporter

  Paul Lindstrom, the Assistant Principal for Administration, has announced changes coming to the Newsome Parking Lot.

   Starting in April, the overflow parking spots at the front of the school will no longer be available. These spaces were intended for students arriving after the start of school but have been deemed unnecessary. 

   Lindstrom has also stated plans to block the first twenty spots of the senior parking lot as part of the construction being done on Newsome’s Stadium. Fencing with a large blue tarp was put up around these 20 spaces over spring break.

   Lindstrom wanted to assure students that Junior will still be able to park on their side of the lot after fears spread that the junior lot could be closed as part of the ongoing construction.

   He says that the administration does not believe these changes will increase students’ parking at nearby locations like the sports complex or Winn-Dixie. Businesses have notoriously pushed against this trend, going so far as to have students’ cars towed. Lindstrom stated that this decision would not lead to fewer students being able to park when the daily five to ten percent absence rate is considered.