Greta Thunberg makes global impact

Ana Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

   Thousands of documentaries, people, organizations, and research have been dedicated to saving the planet from the climate catastrophe it is heading towards. That is where 20-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, steps in; she has made it her mission to get CEOs and organizations around the world to hear her voice as she speaks for the Earth.

   Thunberg was born in Sweden on Jan. 3, 2003 to parents Malena Ernman and Svante Thunberg, an opera singer and actor respectively. Her sister, Beata is a teenage singer. Many sources mark the beginning of her activism in Aug. of 2018 where she skipped school to protest outside of the Swedish parliament.

   Her most notable work in 2018 is when she instituted the “Fridays for Future” campaign where she encouraged students to stage a protest at their schools via a walkout. This impacted 17,000 students across 24 different countries which embedded this practice into their weekly routine.

   Thunberg’s story and words are heavily publicized by the media. Her run-ins with the law during her protests and her opinions on the political and social structure needed to save the planet are continuously in the media spotlight. 

   Reaching every part of the world, Thunberg has managed to influence environmental laws and be involved with organizations that concern world safety and peace, like the U.N.

   However, Thunberg’s recent popularity comes from a set of tweets that occurred in late December which resulted in infamous figure, Andrew Tate, being arrested by Romanian authorities. 

   It began when Tate tweeted at Thunberg, boasting about his car collection and their “enormous” emissions. He made the mistake of asking for Thunberg’s email sarcastically so he could send her the extended list of his cars.

   Thunberg saw the opportunity for a come-back and hastily gave Tate a fake email, with some obscenity. Attacking his view of masculinity, Tate decided to reply with a video. In the video, he is talking about Thunberg, her mission, and how mistaken she is.

   Authorities used all of Tate’s social media posts to narrow down his location and subsequently arrest Tate and his brother under allegations of sex trafficking. 

   As a young woman, Thunberg has plenty of time to leave her impact on society. Time after time, she has proved her intelligence, wittiness, and awareness. While she began as a Swedish activist, she is now a societal figure that has really made a change in the world.