School districts in Florida to be potentially rezoned

El Todd, Reporter

   Floridian schools are one of the hottest topics for local politicians. Discussions have included decisions over what rules should exist and what should be taught. However, a new topic has risen: district rezoning. According to Addison Davis, 24 percent of schools are overpopulated while 44 percent are underpopulated. Therefore, a proposal for rezoned districts has been introduced, with some changes ready to go into effect by August. These involve rezoning schools so that they have a much more balanced number of students, and introducing new schools to place students.

    These changes will affect Newsome by moving some students to a proposed school codenamed “UUU.” Students moved to “UUU” will likely be from areas on the edge of the zoning area. These changes will likely affect traffic positively, class sizes can become more balanced, and lunches can be less crowded for students. However, this could mean that some students will be forced to leave to go to another school, inconveniencing them and potentially their families. These specific changes will go into effect in spring of 2025, around two years after the initial proposal of the changes.