Disney announces TRON ride opening date in a cryptic teaser image

Brooks Huber, Reporter

  On Jan. 10, Disney announced that TRON Lightcycle Power Run will open at the Magic Kingdom on April 4. This announcement has been long anticipated ever since the ride began construction in 2018 and was delayed on Sept. 11, 2022.

   The ride is based on TRON Legacy, a 2010 sci-fi movie about a kid traveling into the world of his father’s arcade game. It is a copy of the original in Shanghai Disneyland. The ride goes 59.3 miles per hour, is 3,169.3 feet long, and has riders laying forward on a motorcycle-shaped  vehicle.

   Disney put out two teasers in the lead up to this announcement. One teaser was a high score board with several easter eggs of important dates from Disney history. The other was an image of light cycles writing out “4 4”, teasing the opening date.

   The five year construction period has had fans frustrated with the company’s lack of commitment to the project, but this announcement and teaser has reignited interest, as people are ecstatic to finally see this and more news from Disney in the future.