Newsome football winter conditioning begins

Kristian Anderson, Reporter

   Winter conditioning for Newsome’s football team will be incredibly tough after a lackluster season with a record of five to five. With the intense conditioning, earning a spot for the upcoming fall season will take hard work and dedication. 

   Conditioning starts at 6:15 a.m. and lasts until 8 a.m., just before school starts. Practice starts on different days of the week with different muscle groups being hit each day. During winter conditioning, different exercises are done that are typically unfamiliar to athletes. 

   “We do sled pushes, weighted lunges, weighted jumps, and plenty of circuit work. These exercises practice explosiveness, which is pretty unique for me,” said junior Neelesh Raghaven.

   Once practice begins, it seems to never end according to some players. Fatigue sets in early due to the morning wake up calls and coaches push every athlete to finish their last rep of every set.  

   With each player, depending on their position, they will be split up into different groups. Each group starts on a different circuit workout than the other. After 30 minutes each group changes circuit stations until every group has completed all the activities.

   After the circuit cycle is finished all players clean up and then huddle into a group to break it down. During the break down Head Coach Christian Yockey gives some words of motivation to the athletes. Afterwards they go to the locker room showers to get ready for school. Practices are scheduled in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  

   Winter Conditioning is up and running. Players are putting in the work and it will be exciting to see what this team can accomplish in the upcoming summer and fall seasons.