Netflix cancels beloved show ‘Inside Job’

Matthew Yates, Reporter

 Netflix is a household name who has been supplying billions of people with easy access for television shows, movies, and documentaries via streaming for 16 years. However, Netflix’s status as one of the biggest streaming services is declining due to many controversies surrounding their business decisions.

   Recently, people have been flocking together to protest against a decision made by Netflix. On Jan. 9, Shion Takeuchi, creator of “Inside Job,” announced that Netflix had canceled the show prematurely. Takeuchi is also known for her work on the critically acclaimed “Gravity Falls.” 

In a tweet, Takeuchi said, “I’m heartbroken to confirm that Netflix has decided to cancel season 2 of Inside Job.” Hundreds of people flocked together to try and get Netflix to reverse their decision, but to no avail. 

   In addition, people were also upset that Netflix had renewed the show “Big Mouth,” much to their dismay. Hundreds of people were not happy at Netflix’s apparent double standards by canceling a very positively received show and renewing a show in which thousands hate.  

Regardless, Netflix has yet to respond to the hate, or to make an announcement officially declaring why they decided to cancel the show. Fans can only hope that Netflix decides to renew “Inside Job,” but given their recent history, many doubt that it will come to pass. 

Even then, many hold on to hope and continue to tweet, hoping that Netflix will renew it and cancel “Big Mouth.” 

   Following Netflix’s recent spring of hate, they announced, “We have never canceled a successful show.” This has angered even more people, with them pointing out that they have repeatedly canceled successful shows. To add on, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, has declared that he will be stepping down from the position, leading people to speculate the reason behind it, with many believing it has to do with the controversies that have happened recently.

   Some hope that Netflix will bounce back from the recent spree of negativity surrounding the service and others believe that Netflix has kicked the bucket for good this time. However, so long as there are buyers, Netflix will always be a behemoth in the streaming service space.