Carnival Cruise Lines adopts first on board roller coaster

Holly Zeller, Reporter

    Starting in the 1970s, the Carnival Cruise Line has been one of the most popular ships to sail the seas. The company has grown immensely by producing a new ship almost every year, making it the biggest cruise line with 26 ships. One of their newest ships, “Mardi Gras”, has become a groundbreaking tourist attraction with it making Carnaval the first cruise line ever to have a rollercoaster on a boat. This has set expectations high for their leading competitors.

   First provided on Mardi Gras in 2021, BOLT: The Ultimate Sea Coaster has expanded to the Carnival Celebration and soon the Carnival Jubilee. This fast-paced coaster, as they describe, is the first coaster that allows the riders to control the speed of up to 40 miles per hour. With pedals for riders to push they can choose the fun while having a 360-degree view of the ocean. It will be available for all ages with it being $15 per person letting guests do 2 complete laps on the track. This is a new exciting reason to go cruising with an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

   The Mardi Gras was named after Carnival’s first ship, Carnival Mardi Gras, which was launched in 1972. This new ship has soon become a power statement to the world of cruise lines. How so? It was the first North American ship to be fully powered by liquefied natural gas, or LNG. This change has helped drop 25 percent of carbon dioxide being produced, but still provides the same amount of power. The Mardi Gras was the first of three ships to be launched with this feature and it has put cruising into a new era of sailing. The Carnival Celebration soon came after the launch of Mardi Gras in November of 2022, celebrating Carnival’s 50th anniversary and becoming the sister ship of Mardi Gras. The Carnival Jubilee will be finishing the trio of Excel-Class vessels with LNG coming on Dec. 23rd. However, the reason passengers will go on these ships won’t be for the power of the boat itself, but for the power of BOLT: The Ultimate Sea Coaster!