Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s difficult launch

El Todd, Reporter

  Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are generation nine of the Pokemon game series, and as such was heavily anticipated. However, it was quickly met with criticism for the poor performance and graphical issues that plague the game.

   Tests show that the game itself runs at an average of 22 frames per second, dipping as low as about 15, which is horrible for a game that has a target frames per second of 30. People have also widely noticed graphical issues for objects far away from the player, such as trees or distant non-player characters. IGN reports that the game is plagued with slow loading zones, and as such it can feel like the game is slowing down.

   However, despite the issues the game has, a lot of players have positive things to say. The game has earned a score of 74 on meta critic, an IGN rating of six out of 10, and an NME rating of three out of five. Those are fairly average ratings, but still not that bad. Players have said good things about the game’s story, with some saying it’s the best Pokemon game in recent years. The game is branched into three substories: Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path Of Legends. Leading to at least a 40 hour game to complete them all, and likely 60 to 80 hours to fully obtain everything in the game. By comparison, the longest game before this in the Pokemon series was Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl at approximately 41 hours long, and the previous entry in the Pokemon series Pokemon Legends: Arceus took about 21 hours.

   The game has also had exceedingly great sales despite its issues, hitting “10 million copies in just 3 days,” according to Sky News, yet still has some of the lowest user reviews in the entire series because of people’s issues with it. The game does have a planned update to add support for the Pokemon HOME service, and some speculate that there will be performance updates done under the hood.