Tips to succeed in AP classes

Brooks Huber, Reporter

 Students can oftentimes be scared away from classes due to their rating as an advanced placement, or AP, class. While everyone learns in their way, some tricks have been found to help students that care to raise their grades in these classes.

   In classes like these, it can be hard to determine exactly what information is most important, and oftentimes the best way for teachers to teach some of these subjects is overexplaining. However, in instances where teachers specifically say something is going to be on the test, you should really write it down, highlight it, and do whatever you need to show that it’s important.

   While new terms and formulas and concepts are given, spending all of your time memorizing these won’t be enough to get you an A on the test. AP tests will require you to determine how these concepts apply to specific scenarios. The best way to prepare is to use workbooks of websites like Khan Academy as sources for practice problems. These provide practice in finding information in problems and then using the concepts you’ve been taught to determine the solution.

   AP classes can have overwhelming concepts, and everyone learns at a different pace. If you’re struggling to understand, oftentimes AP teachers will let students come in before school, during their lunch, or after school to get further practice. Don’t be afraid to go in for some extra help when it could make the difference between letter grades.

   There are other resources that may give you an explanation you understand better. As cliché as it sounds, YouTube has several great channels that give explanations by making use of the medium of video. You could use “Heimler’s History”, “Bozeman Science”, or even the College Board’s channel for additional studying.

   The last important thing is you don’t need to be scared of the exam. Students that do great in class may slip up on the exam and colleges understand that. While a passing grade may be a three, lots of colleges may require a four or a five to get the credit anyway. They care less that you passed the exam and more that you did well in a challenging class, which you hopefully will use these tricks.