Migos member Takeoff passes away

Margaret Metz, Online Editor-In-Chief

 Famous rapper, Takeoff, passed away on Oct. 31 2022 around 2 p.m. from a shooting in a Houston bowling alley. He is best known for his work in the extremely popular rap group, Migos. 

Takeoff was playing dice with Quavo and friends in the bowling alley when a disagreement occurred and guns were fired. There are two reported victims hurt and Takeoff was killed amid the violence. Quavos’ health status is unknown currently. Takeoff was 28 years old at the time of his death.

   The shooter, now dead, is currently remaining anonymous until health professionals can truly identify the body through contact with the family.

   His death is creating waves of grief and sorrow within the rap community. Twitter users speak on the violence within the Black community and question “when will it end”. People are losing faith in their community as black rappers are continuously victims of brutality.

   Additionally, Takeoff’s death is causing backlash upon those individuals who filmed it. Twitter users and Migos fans everywhere criticize the individuals who took a moment of peace away from Quavo by filming the death of Takeoff. Quavo is the uncle of Takeoff and a past member of Migos. Quavo and Takeoff grew past the Migos group together to release duo soundtracks with a new single “messy” just recently released. Quavo’s response to the situation is still unknown, but the rap community has its thoughts with him.

   Takeoff had a reputation of peace and humility. He never spoke out or was controversial, he focused on himself, his grind, and his music. His death renders shocking as he of all people would be the last to cause a problem that’s solution would need to be found through gun violence.