Most innovative Bluetooth device: Banana Phone

Skylar Gieger, Entertainment Editor

   From the start of communication technology to the modern cell phone, there have been all the changes that anyone can dream of, including the making of the banana phone.

   In the beginning, there was only paper and pen, envelope and stamp. Communicating between two or more people took longer and was not as simple as it is now. In today’s time, there are handheld phones small enough to fit in the pocket of a pair of pants, and a message can be sent to someone in a matter of seconds.

   Almost everyone has a cellular device, whether it’s an iPhone or Android, and most have Bluetooth. Since cell phones have had an uprising, other devices to accompany those have popped up and taken over the world.

   Roughly one in five Americans use a Bluetooth watch that connects to their phone, 35 percent of people use AirPods, and there are numerous more who use Bluetooth headphones that are not related to Apple. 

   Not only has new communication taken over the world, but Bluetooth is also right behind this trend, and devices upon devices are being made. As mentioned, there are watches and headphones, but there are also speakers that have become popular as people realize their love for them. What is better than music playing out of a phone other than music playing much louder from a device that can be placed high or low, hidden or shown?

   Although all of this Bluetooth technology is popular and millions of people use them, the perfect Bluetooth device is underrated and needs the attention it deserves. The banana phone will finally get its time to shine. 

   Just as expected, the banana phone is a Bluetooth device shaped like none other than a banana. This yellow, crescent device doubles as a rechargeable phone and speaker. Have a work call to answer? Connected to the banana phone, the call will be fun and enjoyable. Someone is throwing a party? Bring the banana phone and get tons of compliments on the music coming from it.

   If one banana is not enough for somebody, there are bunches of three bananas or six, and  one percent of proceeds from the phone is donated to save gorillas.

The banana is the future, and as the company says, “Talk more, smile more, save gorillas.”