Nostalgia game review: Papa’s Pizzeria

Skylar Gieger, Entertainment Editor

All of the Papa Louie games are nostalgic to many people, since most of them filled their elementary and middle school days playing them. Many favorites were Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Cupcakeria, and Papa’s Pizzeria.

   Each game starts with a background story that tells the player how they got their job and what they need to do to keep the store open. After that, there is a quick tutorial of how all the buttons and stations work and then the player starts the game. Each game begins simple and progressively gets more challenging. The point of the game is to master multitasking and it helps people learn that in a fun way. 

   As a worker, the player takes orders, makes the food, adds toppings, then gets scored by the customer. The higher the score from the customer, the higher the tip the player gets. In some of the Papa Louie games, money can be used to buy new items for the restaurant and there is even a mini game in a couple of them. After a few customers or days, the player gets leveled up to different ranks in the shop and having a higher rank helps get better tips and reviews from customers. 

   In Papa’s Pizzeria, the player is a character named Roy. One day, Roy showed up to work and Papa Louie left the pizza shop to him. This was a challenge for Roy because he was just a delivery boy and out of nowhere, he had to transition to being a full time pizza maker and restaurant owner to keep Papa’s Pizzeria open. 

   It was difficult for Roy to do everything by himself because customers kept coming and the line got longer every day. Most of the customers were very nice to Roy and they each tipped him decently. The average tip Roy got was around two to three dollars. The most annoying people were the ones that came in right before closing time because they had very specific orders and were extremely picky about their pizzas. 

   Luckily, as Roy got the hang of doing all of the jobs instead of just delivering, the job became easier yet harder at the same time. While Roy got better at making, baking, and topping pizzas, more people wanted them. It was a struggle to multitask and juggle by himself but Roy kept running the Pizzeria the best he could.

   At the end of his first week, Roy ended up with a ton of money and even got two $9 tips. He still has a hard time with all the new customers but he will keep trying his best to please the people that buy pizzas from him. There are a few star customers that come in every day and support Roy. Hopefully, Roy is able to keep the Pizzeria open until Papa Louie gets back.