The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival to host a first-of-its-kind event

Arianna Hooker, News Editor

  The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival will host a first-of-its-kind event on Saturday, Oct. 8, from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. The event will feature Coffee roasters from all over Florida, live music, food trucks, and art vendors. Coffee is a delectable comfort drink that brings people together; with this in knowledge, The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival’s theme will be “Caffeinated!” 

   This event aims to bring people from the coffee community together and express new ideas for craft and culture in the coffee world. Coffee roasters from all over Florida will attend the event: such as Ethos Coffee Roasters, Treehouse Roasters, Beast Master Coffee, Sun Bear Specialty Coffee Roasters, Foundation Coffee Co., and one more that has yet to be announced.

   The most local coffee roaster is Foundation Coffee Co. which can be found in Riverview. They have a coffee truck and an outdoor space to enjoy beverages. The outdoor space includes couches, chairs, and tables, all under the shade to give the best outdoor coffee experience.

   The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival also includes an extensive list of art vendors who will be attending. All different types of art will be sold while still following the “Caffeinated!” theme. 

Among these are Pottery by SMB, Art of Stephanie Marie, Windowmaker Arts, Script M Abstract Art, Nadi Nam, Akala Studios, Kat Heckenback, Musicalitea, Cryptknotic, Anna Schermerhorn, Brackish Baroness, and four others that are to be announced.

   The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival strives to present the theme “Caffeinated!” through artistic interpretation and having all different mediums of caffeine, including different styles and concepts for the coffee world. 

   The engineers behind The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival hope to inspire and brew new ideas among their featured coffee roasters and those who attend the event.

M’ria and convicted printing will be sponsoring the event. M’ria is a home-based studio in Plant City, and Convicted Printing is a custom screen printing and embroidery business.

   The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival plans to make this event an annual occurrence. The festival will take place at 1320 John Moore Rd Brandon Fl 33510. For more information, visit