Tampa undergoes Grand Prix switch up

Brooks Huber, Reporter

  From Sept. 2 to Sept. 4, a powerboat Grand Prix was held just outside of the St. Pete Pier.  P1 Offshore announced the event saying the event has “adrenaline pumping action…”

   Throughout this weekend, teams raced powerboats in multiple levels of competition. Teams from across the U.S that have been preparing all year for this battled it out to be the APBA champion. The competition also featured Jet Ski racing.

   Races started at 9 am on Sept. 3, and the super stock race was at 2:15 pm on Sept. 4. VIP ticket prices varied daily and ranged from $150 to $300.

   Over 60 teams from different countries came to race, bringing their fans with them. American team Pro Floor Racing won the super cat races, team Huski Racing won the Class 1 Races, and Team Jackhammer won Bracket Class 700 Races.

   This speed boat Grand Prix comes just after the closing of the family fun center “Grand Prix Tampa” on August 1 after 43 years of local entertainment.

   The center included a go-kart track, mini golf course, batting cage, and an arcade across its  15-acre complex. On Aug. 1, all sections were closed for good to be into turned into an apartment complex.

   Equipment from the center was auctioned off: memorable and impressive items like their gas-powered go-karts, pitching machines, pool tables, and even large castle and pirate ship props used at their mini golf course. 

   Youtuber Penguinz0 bought three pitching machines from the auction for $2500 in a video entitled “I bought an amusement park.”  In the video he and his friends reminisce on past experiences at the park and enjoy being able to take home such wild mementos from the center.

   Tourists and families in the Tampa bay area continue to have races, speed boat or Go-kart, to watch and participate in. Both these Grand Prixs will be missed by the Tampa families and racing fans who would come out to see the races and enjoy the center.