The art of comedy

Nothing kills a joke faster than explaining it, but explanation is needed to truly appreciate one

Brooks Huber, Reporter

Stand-up acts from people like John Mulaney and movies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail can make people laugh uncontrollably, the question is, how?
Comedians write jokes with a simple formula in mind. They create a premise, put a twist on that premise, and then add a punchline. This creates incongruity, which creates a difference between what the audience expects and what is said.
Comedians then take this formula and apply it to universally agreed upon topics. This is why many make jokes that make fun of airlines in an unexpected way. This relatability also leads many comedians to comment on social expectations and philosophy
Comedians are often able to take stories from their lives and adapt them in a way where they tell an exciting and funny story.
For example, John Mulaney took a somewhat funny story of him going to rehab and turned it into an hour-long comedy set with mentions and impressions of other celebrities and twists like him accidentally bringing drugs with him into the rehab center.
Comedians use a variety of methods to present their twisted premises. They can do sketches, songs, and animations, including props, and one comedian even makes a puppet stand up while hiding under a table.
Recently as comedy has adapted to the way of the internet it has gotten more chaotic and has adapted to make fun of far more niche groups at a faster pace. This matches trends of modern life, as does darker humor about mental health and the world
The last great technique of comedians is the ability to constantly create and write. Jerry Sinfield famously made the don’t break the chain method. He wrote a joke one day, and then the next, and continued every day. He swore to never break the chain, using his past streak as motivation.
Comedians show that jokes that are relatable, current, and incongruent can appeal to all. Even if you aren’t looking to make people laugh, everyone should remember, don’t break the chain