Crave by Tracy Wolff series review so far


Skylar Gieger, Reporter


   “Crave” by Tracy Wolff is the first of a soon to be seven book series. It is about a 17-year-old girl named Grace who must  live with her uncle and cousin after her parents die. It is hard enough that Grace lost her parents and has to move from sunny San Diego, California to snowy Denali, Alaska, so things really go downhill for her when she finds out her new school’s secret: supernatural creatures are real.

   Throughout the first book, Grace finds great friends, a boyfriend, takes some weird classes and eventually learns that vampires, werewolves, witches, dragons and so many other creatures are real and not only in fairytales. It only takes a few weeks for trouble to find Grace. She is almost killed on multiple occasions and is used as a human sacrifice in a ritual for a classmate to resurrect her boyfriend. Not only does that happen, Grace finds out that her parents were killed on purpose to get her to go to Katmere Academy- the school Grace’s uncle runs and where she attends after her parents’ death.

   “Crave” is a great book but not my favorite of the three books in the series so far. “Crush” is the second book in the series and it brings just as much trouble for Grace. As it turns out, Grace was turned to stone for four months with her boyfriend’s psychopath brother- Hudson- in her head. When she returns to her human self, she does not remember anything until she realizes what happened. Throughout this book, Grace and her friends go to tons of places to collect the necessary items to free Hudson from her head and Grace almost dies yet again at the end of the book fighting against one of the supernatural governments. This book was my favorite because Grace finds her true friends, learns she is a supernatural creature and even though I do not like love triangles, I loved the one that came in this book. 

   Finally, the third book is “Covet” which I also loved. Grace and Hudson are running from the Vampire Court but eventually give in and are taken to a miserable prison which tortures them and is nearly impossible to escape from. Except they both escape with a couple other people too. At the very end, the characters realize there is a big war coming that they have to prepare for and want to surprise the enemy.

   The entire series includes romance, adventure, faction war and although most people do not like them, a love triangle. There is also some LGBTQ+ representation with some of Grace’s best friends. I love this series and can not wait to read the fourth book coming out this month and the three following it in May, Nov., and sometime in 2023.