Fall Offseason grind


Haider Malik, Sports Editor

   For athletes who participated in fall sports (swimming, cross country, football, baseball, etc.) here at Newsome, their offseason is a time to practice and expand their skills in preparation for winter and spring sports. So how did they train and stay motivated in the offseason?

   Well, developing a training regimen is crucial to maintain and improve one’s shape during the offseason. When athletes don’t have a coach, however, sticking to a regimen is quite a challenge. Those who are motivated to excel in their sport will follow their regimen, even on days when working out seems like an arduous chore.

   “Personally, I found it more difficult to stick to a training regime during the offseason because you are not showing up to practice six out seven days a week and you are not meeting up with your friends on the team,” said sophomore Alec Belteau. Belteau was running cross country in the fall and was hitting the gym during the offseason in preparation for high jump in track. Belteau rarely missed a practice during the fall, as it would be “letting the team down.” During the offseason, Belteau lacked the motivation of his peers that kept him coming to practice. 

   During the fall sports season, athletes had their coaches and fellow athletes pushing them daily. In the offseason, however, athletes must muster up some of their own motivation. Without it, goals would be much harder to achieve.

   “My main source of inspiration was just the upcoming season. I knew if I wanted to be in my best shape when it was time to race,” said senior Jason Swartzlander. Swartzlander is one of the fastest long-distance runners here at Newsome, and in his final track season, he has some big goals. “My three big goals for this season are to take one of our school records down in the 1600 or 3200 events, to qualify for state in one of those events as well and to help out 4×800 qualify for state,” said Swartzlander.

   Swartzlander has been grinding this offseason to shatter records and make it to the state championship in Jacksonville. Swartzlander along with other athletes had some crazy workouts during the offseason. For instance, Swartzlander did a mile repeat workout. He ran a total of three miles, with a four-minute rest period after each mile. These miles were fast, as Swartzlander ran under five minutes for his last two miles. “That workout showed me I was in good shape,” said Swartzlander.

   The offseason, a time where athletes use the discipline they have acquired from their sport to better themselves and achieve the goals they have achieved so far. It will be exciting to see their work pay off this winter and spring sport season.