Beware Newsome Parking Fanpage, straighten out or else


Debra Garcia, Online Editor-in-Chief/Business Manager

 Over the years, students at Newsome have made a variety of Instagram pages with the purpose of entertaining their peers around campus. Students follow these accounts to keep up with the latest inside jokes circulating . This year, however, a new Instagram page has sparked popularity, so much so that they are selling merchandise. This is, of course, the one and only Newsome Parking Fanpage. 

   Appearing only three days after this school year started, the Newsome Parking Fanpage rose in popularity among students when it started posting pictures of cars in the junior and senior parking lot, rating the cars parking jobs out of ten. As the page became more and more popular, students started sending in pictures of cars, hoping those photos would be posted. 

  Although the fanpage started small, it caught on amongst students like wildfire. “Well, being honest, me and a couple close friends on the first day of school decided just to make it, we really did not think it would get to where it is today,” says one the anonymous owners of the Newsome Parking Fanpage. “Honestly, I believe it got popular by just people enjoying the joke and thinking it’s funny. The goal is to just make people laugh,” they said. 

  Even though the page makes fun of student parking jobs, most students think it is all in good fun. Mario DeStefano, a junior, has been featured on the Instagram page twice now. On Sept. 30, he first appeared on the page next to his car wearing a “STOP BEING POOR” shirt. About half a month later, on Oct. 14, DeStefano was posted again in his vehicle after a very crooked parking job.

   “The first picture during spirit week was intentional because it was funny since I was Paris Hilton, however, the second picture wasn’t intentional. I was having a bad parking day and my friend submitted it,” said DeStefano. 

   Reilly Weicht, a senior, has also been featured on the Newsome Parking Fanpage multiple times; Once on Oct. 19 and again on Oct. 27. Although neither time was intentional, the experiences have really affected Weicht. 

  As the Newsome Parking Fanpage is still growing in followers, students have been more aware of the page’s presence, often motivating students to straighten out their parking to avoid being featured. Though many check the page daily to be included in the good fun that is the Newsome Parking Fanpage. 

Debra Garcia