New Restaurant in the Area: Calling All Thai Lovers


Ana Fernandez, News Editor

   A new restaurant called Payaathai Cuisine that replaced the Candor Grill just opened on Boyette Road.

   Payaathai Cuisine is a family-friendly restaurant that sits next to The Talking Pint, another relatively new restaurant in the area. 

   The menu has a variety of Thai dishes, hand-picked favorites of the family that owns the restaurant. The restaurant has a dish for everyone as they offer common plates like pad thai, thai fried rice and red curry, and more special plates like the “Basil Snapper” (A filleted red snapper with basil and jasmine rice) and the “Volcano Duck” (boneless half duck with BBQ sauce, vegetables and riceberry rice).

   They offer takeout and delivery, as well as indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant has a very calm, friendly and earthy atmosphere; the restaurant has dim lighting and the decor mainly consists of flowers, vines and plants placed all around the restaurant.

   The daughter of the owners, Joy Rattanasiripakdee, explained that her family owned a restaurant in New York and decided to open up a new restaurant when they moved here to have more room for their kids.

   One of the family members, Ladda Mokmeechai, harvests organic vegetables including basil and green onion to incorporate in their dishes.

   Thai food is from Thailand, a country in East Asia with the well-known city of Bangkok as its capital. Unlike many other East Asian countries, people in Thailand do not use chopsticks: instead, they hold a fork in their left hand and a spoon in their right hand.

   Another tradition in Thailand is that mealtimes do not have a specific food group, so breakfast could include rice, noodles or soup. Thailand is also the world’s largest exporter of rice, which is included in most of their dishes as well. 

   Their take-out and service hours are 12-9 p.m.on Sundays,11:30 a.m. -9 p.m.on Mondays-Thursday, 11:30 a.m. -9:30 p.m. on Fridays and 12-9:30 p.m. on Saturdays.

   Go to to look at their full menu or order online; the restaurant is located at 13416 Boyette Rd.

Vines and plants hang around the restaurant and near the tables, creating a very scenic ambiance. Many businesses have begun incorporating plants as they tend to provide a more relaxed and calm environment.
(Ana Fernandez)
A white banner hangs outside the restaurant under a shaded area with blue umbrellas. The banner announced their grand opening, which occurred in late August.
(Ana Fernandez)