Tampa Bay Museum of Art: Bringing Art to teens

The youth council hosts many events throughout the year like the silent disco. The disco did not have music playing on speakers, but music playing on each individual headphone.

Tampa Bay Museum of Art


Aize Hassan, Layout Editor

  The arts are something that usually goes neglected by society today. Places to explore and meet others when it comes to the arts are hard to find. The Tampa Bay Museum of Art came up with a solution for that when they introduced their Youth Council.

   The council, which was formed in 2016, is a group of students from all Hillsborough County schools. “We all really come together and we plan events to get more teens in museums and to give young artists a platform,” said senior and Vice President of the council, Imani McQuay. 

   The council focuses on putting together immersive ways of getting teens involved with the museum art. For example, their bi-monthly gallery playlists help connect visual art with another form of art: music. Starting Oct. 2, teens can even attend a Youth Council-led tour of the museum, specifically modeled to be engaging and inspiring to their age group. 

   One of the upcoming projects the museum has planned is the Student Edit, an arts magazine focused on amplifying the voices of Tampa teens with their art whether it be photography, writing, paintings, drawings and much more. 

   According to the website, the theme is: “How does your art express your perspective on how change has affected your life?” Submissions are open for all local teens till Oct. 8.

   The magazine will be distributed at the silent disco on Nov. 19, as part of the student exhibition pop-up. The disco will be an opportunity for others to connect and celebrate student artists, all while enjoying the fun of a party where everyone uses their own headphones.

   Other events include the Young Directors’ Film Festival in 2022, which is an outdoor screening of the work of student filmmakers and Night at the Museum next Spring, which is a get-together for students that enjoy the arts.

   “Teens and youth in Tampa should participate in the Youth Council events so they can meet new people, talk and learn about art and become more immersed in museum culture. It’s really educational and fun and cool,” added McQuay.

   To find out more information about events and submissions, check out its page on the official Tampa Bay Museum of Art website: tampamuseum.org/youth.