Cool Places to Visit on the West Coast and the History

Ana Fernandez, Reporter

The West and East Coast of the United States are very different, both reflect different histories, cultures, religions and ethnicity. 

   So what are some cool places to see when visiting? Let’s dive into spectacular sights and places scattered on the West Coast; but first, let’s look at the history that made them.

   Starting off with some history, the founding 13 colonies were all on the east coast and the west coast of North America was mostly native lands. Eventually, through many treaties and purchases like the Louisiana Purchase, the U.S. boundaries became as we know them today. Many people from the colonies began migrating to California, eventually attracting people worldwide, especially Asians, because of the Gold Rush.

   This attraction brought the diversity in culture, religion, race and ethnicity visible on the West coast today.

   The first gorgeous place to visit on the West Coast is called Lake Tahoe. This lake lies in the border between California and Nevada. The lake is known for its pure water and amazing scenery in the mountains. It is surrounded by forests and trails. 

   Here, there are many great activities to enjoy the day like canoeing, sunbathing on the beach, or even staying in the campgrounds. In the winter, they also offer fun activities like snowboarding on the slope.

   The next great place to visit in Napa Valley. Famous for its wine production, Napa Valley is a very large valley in California that includes many small towns. It offers a more rural scenery in California. 

   Seattle, Washington is a popular destination for tourists worldwide. This city is mainly known for the constant rainy weather and the new architecture, technology and infrastructure in it. For example, Amazon recently began building stores that automatically put food into a digital cart whenever you grab it from a shelf.

   Seattle is also known for being the home of Starbucks and the infamous Space Needle. This attraction takes you up in the middle of the city and showcases the beautiful cityscape, 605ft off the ground!

   Lastly, another popular city for nature and art lovers is Portland, Oregon. there are many places to visit here but Portland is known for its amazing trails on the outskirts of the city. There are many hiking routes with astonishing sights and waterfalls like the South Fall in Silver Falls State Park.

   Although it is very different from the East Coast, the West Coast is definitely an amazing place to visit when in search of a diverse vacation or even a quick getaway.