Kitchen and Craft: Top Five Trader Joe’s Products

Meghan Reyes, Reporter

Trader Joe’s is a nationally renowned grocery chain. Personally, it is my all-time favorite grocery store. I might even be a little obsessed. They have a lot of very fun products, so here’s a list of the top ten best Trader Joe’s products.


Cocoa Peppermint Flavored Almond Creamer

   This is one of the best food items Trader Joe’s has to offer, it is a terrible tragedy that it is only available in December. I mean peppermint is a very Christmassy flavor, but I am sure all of us would love Christmas flavors all year round. The best part about this creamer is that it is dairy-free, so it is great for all of our dairy-free friends. This product comes only in 16 oz. containers and should remain refrigerated after opening. 


Everything But The Bagel Seasoned Nuts

   “Everything but the Bagel” seasoned everything has hit the shelves ever since the original product dropped back in 2017. A lot of stores have attempted to replicate this phenomenon, but they cannot come close to making the various products featuring the seasoning. Trader Joe’s has begun to sell Everything but the Bagel seasoned nuts. This snack is absolutely delicious and had to have a spot on this list. This product only comes in an 8 oz. bag and features cashews and almonds.


Speculoos Cookie Butter

   This is by far one of the most popular Trader Joe’s products. Cookie butter broke out onto the shelves in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular spreads ever. Seriously, cookie butter can go on anything from toast to actual cookies. I honestly recommend just eating it off the spoon, it is just that good. This product comes in 14 oz. jar and does not need to be refrigerated after opening. Although, cold cookie butter sounds really good.


Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

   I am absolutely addicted to caffeine, as are most high school students. Chocolate-covered espresso beans are one of the best ways to get their caffeine fix for people who do not like home-brewed coffee. These are some of my favorite snacks, especially because I love the dark chocolate-and-coffee combo. There are so many in the tub, once you start eating you absolutely cannot stop. These little bundles of joy and happiness come in 14 oz. plastic tub and are completely kosher.


Trader Joe’s Trail Mix Crackers

   Trader Joe’s trail-mix crackers take the delicious mix that we all know and love and put it on a soft vehicle of goodness. Each cracker carries an assortment of mung beans, sesame seeds, raisins, pumpkin seeds and cashews with flavors that pack a punch in every bite. This snack comes in 4.5 oz. bags.