The Newest Edition of the show has finally arrived, and has a lot to offer

Aiden Vittoe, Reporter

   MLB The Show 21 has officially been released as of April 20, and major improvements and additions have been noticed in the game. Previously in MLB The Show 20, there were major fielding errors at times and Covid-19 intervened with a lot of Live Series opportunities. The game just didn’t seem as fun as it once was and got very boring in the first few months of playing. But in 21, Live Series events and players are back, fielding works phenomenally, and there is so much to do.

   Of course, 21 has all of the unique modes such as “Road to the show” and “March to October” but the main highlight of the game each year is “Diamond Dynasty”, which allows the player to collect historical and present baseball legends and play with them on their own customizable team. These players can be collected in numerous ways, such as from card packs to moments, and can also be sold on the market for a price that depends on their stats. 

   A decent number of great changes have been introduced to Diamond Dynasty, such as the team affinities. Instead of collecting one person from each team, 21 has now made it where they are based on regions instead. For example, instead of collecting experience for one team, you collect experience for the whole region in which that team resides. This then leads to a pack reward that features a selection of great players throughout that specific region, instead of only being able to choose one because you did one specific team. It’s a very interesting and enjoyable process and is more understandable once in-game.

   Diamond Dynasty also doesn’t have an XP Reward Path this year, which is a bummer, but there are things that make up for it. Fielding has greatly improved in which you are now able to make catches at the wall again. There are new ways to field as well. Pinpoint Pitching has been introduced, which allows for even more accuracy when pitching. Hitting seems more challenging, yet more rewarding and there is a new and more realistic “Perfect: Perfect” sound. You can now customize and create your own stadiums if you are on PS5, which allows a lot of creative ways to play. There is also a lot more conquests that can be done instead of just the U.S.A. one and one-two others. 

   This game is much better and more eventful than last year’s. San Diego Studio listened to the feedback that players had and did their best to make sure 21 was what they wanted. There is already so much to do and so many great players to collect, while the game hasn’t even been out for a week. MLB The Show 21 will definitely be one to stick around for.