Teen Witch Flies: Moon Phases


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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Abby Alexander, Reporter

  Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to “Teen Witch Files”. Here I, a major skeptic in the realm of witchcraft, will do research on different topics related to the practice and relay my findings to you. Some of these topics include reality shifting, hexes, lucid dreaming and crystals, chakra alignment, and the topic of today’s research, moon cycles. Moon cycles have connection to not only the tide, but also menstrual cycles, coral growth, and some argue, our emotions. In many variations of witchcraft, the moon cycle is linked to intentions and different rituals.

  1. New Moon

   The new moon is a fresh start and new beginning in the lunar cycle. During the new moon, it is a great time to start new journeys, plant new seeds, or begin a new project. This time is best used to set intentions and goals for the month. On the contrary, when taken literally, it is also a good time to face anything dark in your life – negative energy, a negative side of yourself, and is a good time to carry out shadow work.


  1. Waxing Moon

      The energy of the waxing moon is outward and expansive. This is the time for personal growth. At this time writing in a journal or writing things out in general to help yourself process emotions or go through your personal growth through self identifying the things in your life that need fixing better while writing them out.


  1. Full Moon

   The powers of the full moon are unmatched. Not only does it amplify your personal powers, it amplifies the power of the spells you carry out. This is the ideal time to charge crystals in the moonlight. In terms of personally, the full moon is a time of internal chaos. You may feel as though you are divided with yourself


  1. Waning Moon

   This time period is a time for expelling negative things from your life. Cutting ties with someone, ridding yourself of toxic thoughts, or expelling general negativity from your life are all examples of banishing work best for the waning moon. This is also a good time for recharging.